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Doug Hutchison Biography

Doug Hutchison

Facts of Doug Hutchison

Date of Birth: 1960 , May-26
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 feet 5 inch

Quick Timeline of Doug Hutchison

1960 Born in Dover, Delaware, USA
1988 Debut movie Fresh Horses
1999 Got Married to Kathleen Davison
2002 Divorced Kathleen Davison
2003 Married to Amanda Sellers
2005 Divorced Amanda Sellers
2011 Married to Courtney Stodden

Detail Timeline of Doug Hutchison

May 26 , 1960

Born in Dover, Delaware, USA

The famous American actor, Doug Hutchison was born on 26 May 1960 in Dover, Delaware, United States, where he spent a major part of his life. The actor is known for his role as an antagonist in movies like 'The Green Mile' and 'Fresh Horse'. 


Debut movie Fresh Horses

Doug Hutchison was very inclined towards movies and acting right from his young age, however, the actor got a chance to act and entered the film industries with a movie named Fresh Horses in 1988  at the age of 28.


Got Married to Kathleen Davison

Almost after 10 years in the Hollywood film industry and after a lot of remarkable acting, Doug Hutchison tied a knot to Kathleen Davison in 1999 at the age of 39. Marriage with Kathleen was his first marriage. 


Divorced Kathleen Davison

Just after the three years of his marriage to Kathleen Davis, Doug could not maintain a good term with his former wife. Finally, in 2002, the couple signed the divorce paper and officially ended their marital relationship.


Married to Amanda Sellers

Just after a few month of his Divorce with his first wife, Kathleen Davison, the actor engaged in another relationship with Amanda Sellers. In 2003, Dough officially announced his marriage to Amanda Sellers and started living together.


Divorced Amanda Sellers

Marriage with Amanda Sellers was already Doug's second marriage. After a couple of years of being together, the actor, however, started facing problems in his married life with Amanda Sellers and finally in 2005, the couple separated. 

May 20 , 2011

Married to Courtney Stodden

On May 20, 2011, Dough Hutchison got married to Courtney Stodden who was 16 and he 15 at the time of marriage. The marriage created a lot of Criticism regarding the unusual marriage. Marriage with Courtney is Doug's third marriage.


On 20 May 2011, Doug got married to an aspiring singer Courtney Stodden when he was 51 and she was still a 16 years old girl. His third marriage to Courtney Stodden created a lot of criticism regarding the age difference and an exceptionally unusual marriage. However, Courtney, in contrast, gained an undivided support from her parents. But recently, as per the reports on 'Huffingtonpost', the duo is reported to be in negative terms and are likely to get divorced. Interview with Dough points towards his wife Courtney's excessive drinking and partying habits as a reason for their likely-to-be divorce.  

The man with American nationality and white ethnicity was previously married to Kathleen Davison and Amanda Sellers, none of which happened to work. Regarding his net worth, the actor seems to have already made enough. With the start of 2017, the actor is estimated to have over U.S $ 3 million.