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Home News Donald Trump's 100 day in White House will not be fruitful to Republican Block

Donald Trump's 100 day in White House will not be fruitful to Republican Block

Pramesh Baskota Thu Apr, 2017
Donald Trump's 100 day in White House will not be fruitful to Republican Block

From the day he gave his nomination, President Donald Trump was always considered as an underdog, people even criticized the republican block for nominating Trump. He proved all the people wrong and won the election. Now Mr. Trump runs the White house. He took some strong decisions which continuously received bad reviews.

Criticized by former Republican president George W. Bush on Trump's inaugural speech as Weird speaker, Trump kept on making headlines for his unique style of running America. Most controversial president in the whole history of American politics, Trump is the least popular president of America proven by statistics.

Did Donald Trump fail to Deliver his Camping Promises?

There were bags of promises made by Trump on his presidential campaign such as replacing Obama Care, improving Tax reforms, increase Job availability, make a wall on southern Mexico Border and stop Muslims from freely flying in and out of the State. Not many of his promises were fulfilled and at this time, Trump is heavily fearful about the government shutdown.

However, things that he promised are coming into action one after another after being around for 100 days. But, somethings that he promised if changed might bring negative results and now, he surely understands that there are things which are not supposed to change.

Where is the political Scenario for America Going Now?

Well, things did come against the republican block but that doesn't necessarily mean he will suddenly be accepted by Democratic hand. South Side is surely not going to accept him on their pocket after the whole budget blueprint issue. The democratic side looks at the whole situation in a most stereotypical way.

The situation for a Democratic block is improving in republican dominated areas as well, the state election is showing green signal to democratic half. The result was clearly seen in Kansas and Georgia's special election. Whatever be the situation, the president finally listened to Syrian calls and made a right move by opening cannons against Syria, which was accepted all over the world. 

What are the International Community's thoughts on Trump's 100 days as President?

France who feared Trump's election has ended on a positive note. Australian Prime minister said it is all good between them, despite the tweet and phone-call controversy. Russian President who congratulated Trump's election is now in a dilemma after he bombed a Russian supply truck in Syria and another economic giant, China is happy with the recent trade deal.

The world community is still looking at the American president with a positive attitude. And we can conclude this Saturday, his 100 days in the office will not be enjoyed at all by both halves present in the Congress.