Donald Trump Rushed by Secret Service Agents in Nevada during Presidential Rally

Updated On 06 Nov, 2016 Published On

The Republican Party nominee for the US Elections 2016 Donald John Trump was rushed off the stage by the agents of Secret Service during his really on Saturday night in Nevada. This incident took place after a person in the crowd shouted that he possessed a gun. Donald Trump was rushed off the stage immediately and a thorough check was done on everyone but no guns or weapons was found. However, the man was arrested and was seen holding a poster which had “Republicans against Trump” written on it.

This was Donald Trump’s wrapping off rally where Trump makes his final arguments and presents his opinion to the people before making it to the elections that are going to take place on Tuesday. Amidst his speech Trump was escorted safely by the guards to a room and after the commotion was sorted Trump came back and addressed the crowd again.

With the US Elections nearing closer and the whole world’s attention on it the security concern of the two candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been a key issue.

However putting all the news and hullaballoo on hold Donald Trump took on to Twitter and thanked the crowd at Nevada who supported him to the fullest. He also added how he would like to see them vote for the right person and help him in his initiative of making America safe and great again.