Donald Trump Keeps being followed by Controversial art, Trump On target again

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Donald Trump Keeps being followed by Controversial art, After Kathy Griffin's picture issue, we will like our viewers to see that level of fun and stupidity just goes on when we talk about President Trump.

We have a reference of a self-styled “anarchist art collective” who have installed eight life-sized Trump status in different cities in the US titled The Emperor Has No Balls. This is a little funny when compared to Kathy Griffin posing over fake presidents head.

Donald Trump- Emperor has no balls

Statue of Donald Trump- Emperor has no balls

The statue was installed on the streets of San Fransisco, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York City in August of 2016. The statue replicates then candidate naked with a bulky body,  a small penis, no testicles and covered with veins and red rashes.

Illma Gore's Trump

Los Angeles artist Illma Gore has another masterpiece that is reported to cost $127,000 and her art hangs in a UK gallery.

Illma Gore's Donald Trump

Illma Gore's Donald Trump

She even admitted that she was attacked by a Trump supporter after she released the painting.

Street artist Hanksy also has painted a mural image of the current U.S President which is a now-viral image.

Trump poop image which was painted in New York in 2015 is everywhere in Google.

Possibly around the same time, William Duke and Brandon Griffin thought of giving Trump art little more dirty side and they developed an image famous as the Potty Mouth, which is a photoshopped image of Trump’s lips as a urinal.

So far the one image which went far enough is Kathy Griffin's image with fake severed Donald Trump's head.

Well if you think that arts hate Donald Trump. The conservative visual artist Jon McNaughton sketch called “I would bomb the shit out of them”.

His other painting, year of a forgotten man purchased by Sean Hannity was also considered as one of the most beautiful pieces of art.