Donald John Trump is the new President of USA.

Updated On 09 Nov, 2016 Published On

Well well well things did turn in the favor of Donald John Trump because now he is the 45th President of America. Donald Trump who got the presidential nominee amidst a lot of controversies has indeed had a stunning win in the US Elections 2016 by winning over the democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with 279 electoral votes.

Not just that the Republicans have also taken over the Senate with a drastic increase in the women being a part of it. Along with that, the US house was also won by the Republicans and this has been a major win in the history of America. Indeed history has been made.

Trump came out in about midnight accompanied by his family comprising of sons and daughters along with his wife in his private residence at the Trump tower and thanked the citizens of America for trusting him.

In his acceptance speech, Donald Trump also added that he would now work towards forming a better America as promised. In fact, he will make his slogan #MakeAmericaGreatAgain come true. Emphasizing on the fact of making the USA the country of united people the new president even shared that his opponent – the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had given him one hell of a competition and had congratulated on his win.

In addition to that Donald Trump has been called to White House on the 10th of November to discuss the upcoming plans with the current President Barack Obama. Donald will be taking over the president’s post after swearing on the 20th of January amidst a ceremony in the White House. Following this he along with his first lady Melania Trump and son Barron Trump will be moving to the lavish building.

However, following his win, there have also been several disagreements and protests have also swept across America claiming him as an unfit to be the President.