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Home Gossip Does Jenna Marbles have a new boyfriend?

Does Jenna Marbles have a new boyfriend?

Rabin Rai Mon Apr, 2016
Does Jenna Marbles have a new boyfriend?

If you have ever come across the Youtube channel of  Jenna Marbles, you can actually see how popular this girl is in the world of Youtube and among YouTubers. With 17 million subscribers in her channel, this talented young girl's videos usually have millions of views.

Besides her online presence, Jenna once surprised her fans when she said that she was splitting with her boyfriend Stephen Maxamillian Weisz aka Max, with whom she had been in a relationship for more than 4 years. The news shocked many of her fans, and some of her followers started suspecting that she may have a new boyfriend. 

So, does she has a new boyfriend or not?

Who is Jenna Marbles' new boyfriend?

After the breakup in the year, 2013 to Max, another man named Julien Solomita was seen in some of her videos. But back then nothing has come out officially from Jenna, and fans have no options but to wonder and imagine. 

However, with time phase Jenna and Julien were seen so close to each other and the two went on to be each other's best friends. On October 17, 2015, the professional dancer shared an Instagram story with the caption,

"My best friend".



My best friend ??

A post shared by Jenna Mourey/Marbles (@jennamarbles) on


Now the best friends are in a romantic relationship, and there's flood of pictures of the pair on Jenna' Instagram.



Looks like the couple is in a serious relationship. Hope they make a big deal out of their relationship.

Find out more about Jenna's professional life.

Jenna Marbles: Professional Life

Jenna started her youtube channel in 2010, uploading random videos and vlogs and was soon discovered by people who ultimately appreciated her and her videos. Generating millions of viewers, her videos include everything from comedy to make up tutorials.

Video: Jenna Marbles with a drunken makeup

Not only this, she also has collaboration with another famous YouTuber Ryan Higa. Here, Ryan and Jenna are not for the collab purpose but their friendship actually seems strong as in a video Ryan arranges a special surprise party for Jenna on her birthday on15 September. 

Video: YouTube star Ryan Higa surprises Jenna Marbles with a surprise birthday party

Seeing a young beautiful girl so successful may be intimidating but at the same time, Jenna and her videos are inspiring many young people.

And for those who think Youtube is just waste of time, Jenna will definitely inspire them, as this professional YouTuber earns a mindblowing amount from the social media. Jenna’s current net worth is around $2.5 million dollars.

Hot, funny, talented, Go-go dancer, makeup guru, and an honest star, Jenna is not backing off in entertaining her fans as we can hope seeing more of her amazing videos in the future.