Do you know what Scott McGillivray's wife Sabrina does for a living? Not what you think!!

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Being married to a celebrated husband with a net worth of more than $4 million is not easy for a regular person; especially when the husband is the multi-talented heartthrob of Canada, Scott McGillivray.

This is the case with Scott’s wife Sabrina McGillivray. Beautiful and simple as she looks, she likes her life quiet and away from the limelight too. However, we have come to know the secrets of her way of living. So, let's find out what else she does in her leisure time?

Secret lifestyle of businessman/author Scott McGillivray's wife Sabrina

In an age where people are working their backs off to gain some popularity in the show-business, Sabrina has kept herself safely away from the hassles of being a wife of a famed TV personality.

Multitalented businessman Scott McGillivray with beautiful wife Sabrina McGillivray

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She even earns her own living like any normal not-famous person would do. She currently is a teacher in a school in Ontario, Canada. Nevertheless, she is a homemaker and a caring mother to two daughters.

Most of her time is spent taking care of her two daughters and taking care of the house while her husband is out there being awesome in his own area of expertise.

Scott McGillivray's wife Sabrina McGillivray

Scott McGillivray's wife Sabrina McGillivray

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But that doesn’t mean that the hunky dad is missing out on giving time to his beautiful family. He has openly proclaimed that his first priority will always be his family, his daughters, and Sabrina. They spent their lives there every day and especially spent holidays together like any happy family would. 

TV personality Scott McGillivray with wife and adorable children

TV personality Scott McGillivray with wife and adorable children 

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Scott is already famed for his talent on renovating and revamping properties. But it is a lesser known fact that Sabrina too is quite interested in the field herself and is pretty good at it too. She has a good taste in interior design and decoration. When they bought their house after marriage, both concentrated on decorating their dream home. 

Scott McGillivray with loving wife and childrens

Scott McGillivray with loving wife and childrens

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Apparently, Sabrina has a diverse lifestyle where both her artistic side and entrepreneurial side are affluent. Following her husband’s footsteps, she even bought a house of her own shortly after marriage. So just like her husband, she is gradually developing an interest in property management too. And she keeps a proper balance between all of it and still manages to be there for her daughters all the time and yet, she opts to work behind the scenes in supporting and running her family.

From their online interactions with their fans and followers, we know that they are very keen on hospitality and they like to entertain guests on a regular basis.

Sabrina seems to have an exceptional hospitality. She has hosted numerous gatherings for her friends and family. Her husband too insists that every house should have enough space for recreational purposes and host garden parties.

This happy couple has never been in the rumors of divorce and seemingly aren't going to in the near future. We wish them for their long lasting relationship.

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