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Home Gossip Disclose Joe Namath's Married Life With Ex-Wife Deborah; Who Is He Married To?

Disclose Joe Namath's Married Life With Ex-Wife Deborah; Who Is He Married To?

Krijana Fri Jul, 2020
Disclose Joe Namath's Married Life With Ex-Wife Deborah; Who Is He Married To?

American former professional football player, Joe Namath, who is also known as Broadway Joe, was married once. After divorce, the 76 years old football player was linked with numerous celebrities.

So, who is he currently with? Is he dating anyone? What was the reason behind his divorce with his first wife? And what about their children? Scroll down, know everything:

Joe Namath Was Previously Married To Deborah Mays

Joe, who has a net worth of $18 million, was once a married man. He was married to ex-wife Deborah Mays, who is now known as Tatiana Mays. The former couple first met back in 1983, while taking a voice class. During the time, he was 41 years old, where Mays was only 22 years old.

Soon after they first met, the pair fell in love with each other and soon started dating. In the following year, the duo tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony. Despite their nineteen years age difference, their relationship was perfect in the first hand.

CAPTION: Joe with his former wife, Deborah Mays SOURCE: Daily Mail

Sadly, Joe’s alcoholism could not save their relationship from breaking. In the early phase of marriage, Joe could not stop drinking. Time and again, his wife warned him to be sober and even threatened that he could break the family with his addiction.

In 1987, he turned sober, all thanks to his former wife. During the 2015 ESPN feature, Joe claimed that his ex-wife helped him to get sober in 1987. He said:

My wife told me if I didn’t stop drinking, it would break up my family. So I quit.

However, their relationship did not work. Many tabloids mentioned Mays’s extra-marital affair with plastic surgeon Brian Novack, as the reason behind their divorce.

Reason Behind Divorce?

Mays left the kids to Namath and visited occasionally. As per reports, Mays was the one to tell Joe how their relationship was not working, and she fell out of love for him.

The pair separated in 1999 after Joe filed for divorce. During the time, he revealed that they were separated in September 1998. Their divorce was finalized in 2000.

After divorce, Mays tied the knot with Brian, but, a few years later, they divorced.

Joe Is The Father Of Two Kids

With former wife, Mays, Joe became the father of two children; both daughters, Olivia and Jessica. Two years after marriage, Mays gave birth to the pair’s first child, Jessica. Their second daughter, Olivia, was born in 1991.

CAPTION: Joe with his two daughters SOURCE: Daily Mail

Now, Joe is also the grandfather of Olivia’s daughter. Olivia was only sixteen-years-old when she gave birth to her first child, daughter Natalia in May 2007.