Die Antwoord's Yolandi Visser And Ninja Not Married But Have A Daughter, Sixteen Jones

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Die Antwoord members, Yolandi Visser and Ninja have been known to do some pretty eccentric stuff. And naming their daughter Sixteen doesn’t seem to be even a bit out of the border of their standards. So, having been a parent to a child, are Die Antwoord's Yolandi Visser and Ninja married?

To be precise, they are not married and it's not that Yolandi and Ninja were married and later got a divorce- they just never officially tied the knot. They are just as great as a professional and as well as a couple. So, do they have any plans to be wed in the future at least? Let's learn about their love affair and relationship in detail. Just stay with us.

The Unconventional Family: Not Married But Has A Child

Both Yolandi and Ninja stay away from the media and interviews as much as possible. So most of their information comes from the tidbits they share in their music videos.

Yolandi has only ever given one solo interview, from which we came to know a bit about the family in question.

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Yolandi Visser’s real name is Anri du Toit. And Ninja’s real name is Watkin Tudor Jones (that is where their daughter got her surname).

They were friends since their adulthood. In 2006, they briefly got involved in a romantic relationship.

Watkin Tudor Jones aka Ninja performing in concert during 1st day of Festival Cruilla on 7 July 2017, in Barcelona Spain

Watkin Tudor Jones aka Ninja performing in concert during the 1st day of Festival Cruilla on 7 July 2017, in Barcelona Spain 

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And that is when Visser got pregnant with their child. Jones has stated in a video of his that Sixteen was an accident, though he didn’t mean it in a bad way.

Both Visser and Ninja show, although not married, great love and affection towards their daughter and the fact that they are not married does not bother them. Furthermore, neither of them has hinted to tie the knot meanwhile.

Probably, for them rather than a wedding, love and affection are mandatory and also, the couple been together for years may not need marriage as they are already like husband and wife.

Is Yolindi Visser Married in the past?

We have already mentioned above that Yolindi and Ninja are not married. But with that arises one more question, is Yolindi Visser married in the past? 

Well, in this case as well, the answer is negative. There are no reports of Yolindi having tied the knot, in the past as well. She seems content in her relationship with her boyfriend, Ninza.

Ninja and Yolandi's Daughter Sixteen Jones' Personal Life

Sixteen Jones is currently in a band with Flea’s (Michael Peter Balzary) daughter, Sunny. The band is called The Boy With the Rainbow Face.

Visser said:

Sunny is the lead and Sixteen is the backup and writer, “She’s really good”, gushed the proud mother.

In keeping with rebellious-kid tradition, Sixteen is the opposite of her parents in that she can’t stand any foul language.

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Both Visser and Ninja have shared photos of their family moments on their Instagram page. It is weird that they share this amazing chemistry.

The mother of Sixteen Jones, born in 2006, Visser is also a mother to a son Tokkie. However, unlike Sixteen Jones, he is not her biological child. 

In 2010, Visser adopted a street kid, Tokkie. Tokkie was nine years old at the time and had a rough life in a neighborhood in Jo’burg. His family was poor, so Visser offered to take care of him on weekends, and then full-time.

Visser said:

I’ve always had that maternal thing; that connection with street kids and people who are misfits. I saw so much potential in Tokkie but I knew there was no hope for him on the street. No one’s gonna give a shit. Now he’s blossomed and become this enchanting boy.



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The family of 4 has kept their personal life quite low, though are reported to be living happily.