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Home Gossip Did Jasmine Guy date no one after divorce from husband Terrence Duckett for daughter Imani Duckett?

Did Jasmine Guy date no one after divorce from husband Terrence Duckett for daughter Imani Duckett?

Rabina Koirala Wed Aug, 2016
Did Jasmine Guy date no one after divorce from husband Terrence Duckett for daughter Imani Duckett?

A Different World star Jasmine Guy is no doubt a talented actress. But the 56 years' old Guy has proved herself to be an even better mother. Years after divorcing her husband, she has still remained single and is determined to keep up her career and also make a new career for her daughter, Imani Guy Duckett, in the same field.

Find out more about Jasmine's personal life.

Jasmine Guy has a Daughter Imani Guy Duckett

The American actress, director, dancer, and singer Jasmine Guy who is known for her role in School Daze was married to her husband Terence Duckett for 10 years. During that time, she gave birth to her daughter, Imani Guy Duckett. 


In Princeton with Imani for At the Well Conference

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After a year of getting married to her boyfriend Terrence Duckett, Jasmine gave birth to the couple’s first and only child, a daughter. From her early years, Jasmine exposed Imani to the media. The duo of the mother-daughter made several red carpet appearances.

CAPTION: Jasmine Guy with her daughter Imani at the 7th Annual Women at Risk Gospel Brunch Fundraiser in West Hollywood, California
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Jasmine probably did this to carve a path for her daughter. As a mother, she might have seen that inclination in Imani to become an actress just like her. And like every mother, Jasmine was right.

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Jasmine didn't get involved with any other guy after her divorce. The reason? Imani! Jasmine's close friends revealed that Jasmine was very protective of her daughter. Jasmine declined any relationship 'offers' that came her way after her divorce because she didn't want the young Imani to be affected by the person that she would date.

CAPTION: Jasmine Guy with her daughter Imani Guy Duckett
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The divorce from her husband made Jasmine more conscious about the men in her life that would have an impact on her daughter. She couldn't rule out the possibility of any heartbreak in her future affairs, so she decided to stop dating as a whole. And all this was done by her for the sake of her daughter. 

However, the rumors of Jasmine and Eddie Murphy relationship was on the rounds, yet no insight was given about the affair.


Jasmine Guy was married to Terrence Duckett in August 1998. The couple seemed to be going strong, so, Guy filing for a divorce in 2008 came as a shock to many of her fans. All divorces are nasty, but this one, in particular, turned out to be one of those trying times for both the parties involved.

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Jasmine Guy wanted full custody along with child support from her ex-husband. Terence Duckett initially fought for his daughter’s custody but the mother’s case was stronger so he was left with no choice.

CAPTION: Jasmine Guy with her ex-husband Terrence Duckett
SOURCE: Heightline

But Terrence seemed to deflect from his fatherly duties towards his daughter Imani after a couple of years of divorce. In 2012, Guy revealed that Terrence Duckett owed Jasmine $40k for child support because he had stopped paying for their child since 2010. Jasmine didn't get involved with anyone else after her divorce, so she was all alone in parenting her daughter.

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And when Terrence abandoned this family, Jasmine was terrified not for herself, but for her daughter. She was scared that Imani would be adversely affected. So it was then she finally decided that she would raise her daughter alone and protect her daughter single-handedly. 

The marriage of 10 years had turned vain with the over-consuming process of their nasty divorce.

Jasmine Guy's Daugther Imani follows in her mother's footsteps

2016 welcomed great news for Jasmine Guy’s fans. Imani Guy Duckett was all set to become an actress. Jasmine was praised for being a successful single mother to her daughter Imani.

Imani made her acting debut in the Atlanta play Serial Black Face.

The play follows Vivian (Tinashe Kajese), a single mother whose son is missing in the midst of the 1979 Atlanta Child Murders. When Vivian marries Hugh (Gilbert Glen Brown), tensions arise between her and her angsty teenage daughter, Latoya (Duckett).”



(((ER ALERT))) Jasmine Guy’s Daughter Makes Acting Debut! We know, and love, Jasmine Guy from her iconic years on A Different World, as well as her continued body of work thereafter. Essence reports the actress' daughter, Imani, is following in her mother's footsteps. Imani Guy Duckette, the daughter of A Different World’s Jasmine Guy, is making her acting debut in the Atlanta play "Serial Black Face." The play follows Vivian (Tinashe Kajese), a single mother whose son is missing in the midst of the 1979 Atlanta Child Murders. READ MORE: Link in Bio! #JasmineGuy #ADifferentWorld #ImaniGuy #ImaniGuyDuckette #ActorsExpress #JanineNabers #FreddieAshley #StagePlay #Theatre #SerialBlackFace #Atlanta #Entertainment #EntertainmentNews #CelebrityKids #TheER #EntertainmentRoom

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The play was a success in its own rights. And Jasmine Guy couldn’t have been any prouder that her daughter followed in her mother’s footsteps.

All the sacrifice made by Jasmine for the sake of her daughter is turning out to be fruitful after all. Both the mother and daughter share a close bond with each other and seem grateful and affectionate towards each other.