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Home Gossip Dick Goddard; retired meteoroligist divorced wife Amber Williams. Who is their children?

Dick Goddard; retired meteoroligist divorced wife Amber Williams. Who is their children?

abhilasha Thu Nov, 2016
Dick Goddard; retired meteoroligist divorced wife Amber Williams. Who is their children?

Dick Goddard the famous TV personality has worked as the evening meteorologist at WJW-TV for over five decades. He was married to Amber Williams and was living happily with their children until they got divorced due to certain issues in the year 2003.

Dick Goddard worked for almost 55 years and predicted the weather and in his stage of retirement he was hanging out as WJW Fox 8’s chief meteorologist. Just a few months before the retirement of Dick he announced that right after stepping away from the weather maps he will be getting into total animal welfare. He is one of Ohio’s most outspoken animal activists, the founder of the annual Woollybear Festival in Vermilion and also was a frequent guest on the classic Cleveland TV show “Big Chuck and Little John Show’.

Dick Goddard

Dick Goddard married life with Amber Williams

Dick Goddard who has won the title as a most popular weather forecaster in the United Nations married to Amber Williams in the year 1997. Amber was Dick’s second wife, before getting married with her Dick was married to Julie Ann Cashel. Dick describes Julie Ann Cashel to be the love of his life. Dick and Julie dated for almost twenty years. It is not clear what happened with the relationship between Dick and Julie but it seems like Julie died in the year 1996. Unfortunately, the same year after the certain time of Julia’s death Dick’s mother died too.

Dick Goddard has a daughter from his first marriage who is named as Kim Goddard. There is barely any information about children of Dick and Amber. This couple got divorced after 19 years of being together. The main reason why this couple got separated was as Amber was charged with domestic violence.

Short bio of Dick Goddard

Dick Goddard

Dick Goddard was born on 24 February 1931 in Akron, Ohio and was the only son. Dick and his family lived in Akron until 1941 a moved to a small farm in Green. He finished graduation from Green High School and received earliest weather training during his stint in the Air Force from 1949 to 1955. He was also selected for a task group accompanying the Atomic Energy Commission on an H-bomb detonation in the Pacific Islands.

Then From the year 1955, he began five years run as he returned to Akron to the National Weather Service. Dick made his debut as a TV weatherman on KYW Channel 3 on 1 May 1961. After some time Dick moved to Philadelphia abut again moved back to Cleveland as he did like begin there.


Dick Goddard then joined WJW-TV and have worked there ever since and became the chief meteorologist. He also took a job with NFL’s Cleveland Brown as the team’s official statistician for home games. He also became the host of WJW’s version of Bowling for Dollars from August 1977 to January 1979.

Dick Goddard after his retirement in November 2016 currently resides in Medina Township, Ohio while continuing his animal advocacy and a remaining host of the Woollybear Festival