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Home Gossip Diana Williams opens up about her husband's kidney transplant and the struggle for her and children

Diana Williams opens up about her husband's kidney transplant and the struggle for her and children

Rabina Koirala Sun Aug, 2016
Diana Williams opens up about her husband's kidney transplant and the struggle for her and children

Having a successful career in the industry and currently hosting the very popular Eyewitness News of WABC TV, Diana Williams might be considered pretty lucky to have made it this far professionally. But a little more digging into Diana’s life brings about a whole new world of sufferings and pain which she had to overcome over the last few years. Her husband had to go through a kidney transplant and her son met a near-fatal accident.



Diana Williams married Douglas Wayne Shanks in 1985. She has two children with her husband. 58-year-old Williams is very active on social media and shares inspiring stories of her personal life and the struggles of her family.

Diana and her husband

2015 was marked as a bad year for Diana Williams and her family. First, her husband Douglas was diagnosed with a medical anomaly and was deemed to be in dire need of a stem cell transplant surgery (kidney transplant). He had to go through numerous dialysis schedules and Diana had to search and wait for donors of a healthy kidney for her husband. She shared her struggles and progress with her friends and family through Twitter and Facebook.

The procedures her husband had to go through were very intense and exhausting. But Diana stood strong beside it all.

A donor was found and Douglas was scheduled for a transplant. The transplant surgery was successful but further problems arose when Douglas’s body rejected the new kidney. Further surgeries were undergone and after a very long and exhausting ordeal, Douglas is in the recovery phase.

Diana's husband Douglas




For Diana Williams, 2015 was possibly the worst year for her. With the entire saga of her husband, another tragedy struck her after 3 months of her husband’s transplant surgery. Diana’s son, Nathaniel, had been gravely injured in an accident.

The accident was very severe and Nathaniel suffered “traumatic brain injury and broke everything from his arms to his pelvis to his nose and eye sockets”.

Nathaniel is still going to therapies to regain full use of his senses and abilities. On the anniversary of Nathaniel’s accident, June 21, Diana shared a heartfelt message with her Facebook fans and inspired many with her strength and optimistic determination.

Nathaniel and his elder sister




With all the sufferings they have been through together, Diana Williams, her husband Douglas, and their two children are going pretty strong. No divorce rumors ever popped up even at the most difficult time of Diana and Douglas' married life and now that the worst has passed, the divorce doesn't seem likely in the future either. Fans and followers have shown their support and love for the family and showered them with prayers of strength and patience.