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Home Gossip Diana Simms' Husband Phil Simms's Net Worth: Know Details about his Salary, Career, Awards

Diana Simms' Husband Phil Simms's Net Worth: Know Details about his Salary, Career, Awards

Sabina Gartaula Thu Nov, 2017
Diana Simms' Husband Phil Simms's Net Worth: Know Details about his Salary, Career, Awards

Phillip Martin Simms, a.k.a. Phil Simms, is an American former football quarterback and currently a CBS sportscaster. During his career as a pro football player, he played for the New York Giants of NFL (National Football Leauge), which has seen a roaster of really talented players like Allen Patrick and Jason Sehorn,  and finally retired after 14 years. 

During his sporting career, he set the record for highest completion in percentage after leading the Giants against Denver Broncos by 39-20 victory. Later, he was named the MVP ( Most Valuable Player) of Super Bowl XXI

Phil Simms

Phil Simms

Source: USA Today

Today we are going to take a look at the former football player's career and net worth. 

Phil Simms' career as a footballer

Husband of Diana Simms and father of 3, Phil Simms played football at a very young age. He started playing professionally at Morehead State University during his college years. He was soon drafted by New York Giants and made an appearance as a first-round pick which surprised many. 

During his rookie training camp, he made many fellow player friends and was even given the nickname 'Prince Valiant' by his teammates. In 1979, he won his first five starts during the rookie year and was also the runner-up for Rookie of the Year

During his initial years in the Giants team, Simms was considered a disappointment by fans and his wife also had to listen to fans cuss at him. However, later, he did his research and ended up leading his team to a playoff berth. 

Phil Simms playing

Phil Simms


Since this incident, he started playing even better and become the MVP of Super Bowl XXX. Moreover, he is also a two-time Super Bowl champion (XXI, XXV), two-time Pro Bowl champion (1985, 1993) and First-team All-Pro (1986). He is also the no 11th retired from the New York Giants and was honoured with New York Giants' Ring of Honor. 

Simms finally retired as a footballer on 4th September of 1995 after a very emotional speech. 

Later that year, he joined ESPN and ended up having a career akin to Bob Papa. Currently, he is very active on TV as a sportscaster. He can be seen in numerous shows of CBS. Phil has three children: Chris, Deirdre and Matthew, among whom Matthew Simms is currently a backup quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.  

How much is Phil Simms' net worth? How much does he earn?

The estimated net worth of the former football player and currently a CBS sportscaster Phil Simms is $14 million.

The main source of his net worth is his career as a football player. He was one of the most expensive quarterbacks on his team during his day. He is currently earning a good sum through his career on TV, too. His estimated annual salary back in 2005 was around $3.5 million. It's not hard to imagine that his current salary is more than that.

Meanwhile, he also earned quite a sum of money by appearing on covers of magazines which currently sell for thousands of dollars on eBay and Amazon.

Phil Simms on magazine cover

Phil Simms-signed magazines sell for thousands of dollars on Amazon


There is not much information about what Phil likes to spend his $14 million net worth on. But recently, in 2014, he sold his mansion situated in Franklin Lakes for a massive $8.25 million.