Derek Dillard's photo adds fuel to the fire as Jill Duggar is thought to be second-time pregnant

Updated On 19 Apr, 2016 Published On

Rumors of Jill Duggar being pregnant with baby number two have been spreading like wildfire in the last couple months, and the latest picture posted by her husband, Derek Dillard, is just adding fuel to the fire.

Duggar, who is an American television personality known for her appearances on Discovery Health Channel and TLC as part of the reality television show - 19 Kids and Counting, is thought to be readying herself for the birth of her second child.

Her husband posted a photo of his son and his image on a mirror with the caption that read 'This is how you entertain yourself when you don't have any siblings yet... #mirrorbaby #twins?' 

Twins and yet are two words that have captured the fans alike with one exhilarated fan commenting 'IS JILL PREGNANT AGAIN!? WHAT DO THEY MEAN BY YET? AHHH IS JILL PREGNANT'

Some Fans, however, seemed concerned as well because the couple is currently on a mission in El Salvador, where the dreaded Zika virus, which can seriously affect a newborn, is rampant.

Although, by 'yet', they could just mean they're planning to have a child sometime in the future, and the 'twins' comment likely just refers to Israel's reflection. So, as of now, we just think this is a pretty big assumption. OR IS IT?