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Home Gossip Denis Leary gives his thoughts about the second season of "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll"

Denis Leary gives his thoughts about the second season of "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll"

Shreya Pokharel Tue Jul, 2016
Denis Leary gives his thoughts about the second season of

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll gives you all sort of images when the name is first taken. Literally all sort of images.This American comedy sitcom, however, is absolutely not with the images that you have come up with. Not at all. Now with the season 2 airing on FX from June 30 the creator of the show - Denis Leary - has a lot to share about the exciting show and the roller coaster ride that is going to follow.

Playing the character of Johnny Rock on the show itself, Leary ended the first season with the dream of getting stardom coming true of The Assassins. David Leary revealed  that this season is more of the madness and all fun with lots of songs coming up.

The Massachusetts native shared in an interview that he wanted to focus more on good comedy and more music this season. It has more of the songs as he himself got curious about the process and focused on it more. He, along with Chris Phillips, sat down to write the song before the production began and they have come up with wonderful numbers is what the actor-cum-comedian has promised.

With the hype of Hamilton around Leary also focused on coming with comedy along with some musical of that sort and so he came up with the idea of throwing more of the music out and getting hip hop writers which will definitely be a Tony award winning show for him.They have also planned a big 11 o'clock finale just like in Hamilton and some dead serious songs to sell the audience about the show-Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll being a real show.

The Amazing spider man actor’s age is 59 years old. Yet, his increasing age does not seem to bother him at all, for he still has a whooping net worth of 25 million dollars every year giving a huge personal complex to other actors of his age. Leary, whose height is five feet and nine inches, is known for his movies such as Ice age, Draft Day, and Do Not Disturb. Married to his spouse - Ann Lembeck - since 1989, the couple has two kids son John and daughter, Devin. Famous for novels such as An Innocent, A Broad, and Outtakes from a Marriage, Ann, and David have never headed towards a divorce and live with each other happily.

Leary also revealed about all the hard work and the labor the people had to go through for months just to bring up a show which seems not plagiarized, but totally inspired by Hamilton which is winning a lot of accolades for Lin-Manuel doing an excellent job with it.


Well, Denis good choice, after all, it is Alexander Hamilton. And that makes us super excited for the season 2.