Demi Lovato, Idina Menzel, Disney Sued Over Frozen Song "LET IT GO"

Updated On 27 Nov, 2017 Published On

The iconic song from the Disney animated movie Frozen, Let It Go, was shamelessly ripped off from the famous international artist, Jaime Ciero who is now suing everyone connected with the smash hit.

He claimed in a new lawsuit that Let It Go was obviously inspired by his song, Volar. Jaime recorded the song in 2008 which was played globally. Jaime says the song "a huge international success reaching millions of listeners and landing on numerous charts of the most popular, top-performing songs."

Listen to both songs below.

Yes, we have to say.. even though Volar is recorded in Spanish, there are a lot of similarities with the Frozen's Let It Go song. Now, the major question is that is there enough to make a case?

Well, Jaime says the striking similarities include note combinations, structures, melodies, hooks, lyrics, themes, production, and textures.

Jaime is suing Disney, Idina Menzel who recorded the song for the movie, Demi Lovato who recorded the single, and many others.