Deirdre Bolton isn't single as she is married and has 2 children. Who is Dierdre Bolton's husband?

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Looking at the host of Risk & Reward, Deirdre Bolton, on Fox Business Network, no one would believe that this hot and sexy brunette is 52 years old because thousands of audiences have their crushes on this stunning beauty of FNC.

But following the non-revelations from Deirdre for as long as she has been active in the business, hardly anyone knows that Deirdre Bolton is a married woman. And what’s more, she is the mother of two children.




Deirdre Bolton is a married woman. How we came to know about it? Well, Deirdre spilled the beans in March 2012. She was giving out a short interview with the Business Insider.

Image: Deirdre Bolton

She was quoted saying that she turned to her husband when she needed some advice.

When the interviewer asked Deirdre Bolton who her favorite Person was to go get advice, she said, “Depending on the topic: the Bloomberg TV newsroom, my husband, 3 very different and equally fabulous friends and a lovely Philadelphia-based aunt.”

That was the very first times Deirdre Bolton talked about her husband in the media.

Her husband’s name has not yet been disclosed by her or any of her close acquaintances.


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After more than 4 years of Deirdre revealing that she has a husband, not much progress has been made with regards to her personal life. But we do know that this 52-year-old beauty is the proud mother of two almost adult children. However, we have not yet known about their names or any other details at all.

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In almost two decades of Deirdre Bolton on our TV screens, we would have known if she was going through a rough divorce. No news of such nature has cropped up in the media, so we are hopeful that all is well with this gorgeous anchor and her family of four.