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Birth Name: Deborah Falconer
Date of birth:
Birth Country: United States
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch
Birth Sign: leo
Age:   52 Years
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A white American musician and former actress, known for her films "The Doors", "Short Cuts", and "The Girl's Life", Deborah Falconer birth name Deborah L. Falconer, was born on 13 August 1965, in Sacramento, California in the United States. The information about the family of Deborah Falconer is not disclosed yet, but it is known that Deborah was always interested in music and in being an actress since her childhood.

As Deborah was always interested in music, her debut album was "Untangle" which was not as impressive as she expected. But soon on 22 July 2003, Deborah released her second album named "Brave Like Me" which gave her a hit. After that, Deborah came to the spotlight to the audience when she released her third album named "Lift your Gaze".

Moreover, Deborah was also seen in the films, from her first film "The Wrong Guys" in 1988 to her last film was "Shortcuts" released in 1993. In all her films she gave a really impressive performance to the audience. Deborah is also a former Elite Model".

Deborah Falconer is 52 years aged American nationality. After dating an actor Robert Downey for 42 days, they got married and then after living together for about 12 years, Deborah divorced her husband Robert. Deborah earns her salary from the film industry and her music career but her exact net worth is not available yet.




Deborah Falconer

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Born in Sacramento,California,USA

1965 13th of August

Deborah Falconer, a famous musician and an actress, best known for her role in the film "Shortcuts", was born on 13 August 1965, in Sacramento, California which is located in the United States of American. She was always interested in music and acting since her childhood.


Deborah Falconer's Films


Deborah has appeared in various films since 1988 with the film "The Wrong Guys" to her last film "Shortcuts" in 1993. She was also seen in her other four films named "The Doors", "Pyrates", "Brother of the Gun" and "Mr. Bluesman"


Married to Robert Downey, Jr

1992 29th of May

Deborah Falconer married actor Robert Downey on 29 May 1992. The couple dated each other for just 42 days and after that, they decided to get married. The couple were together for twelve long years but have separated with a divorce in recent days.


Affair with Robert Downey,Jr


Debora Falconer had an affair with an actor of Hollywood named Robert Downey Jr. They were dating each other for just 42 days and then the couple decided to get married to each other. Thus soon Debora got married to Robert Downey.


Deborah Falconer's Music Albums

2003 22nd of July

Deborah debuted in the music industry with her first album "tangle" which was not so much impressive than she released her second album "Brave Like Me" on 22 July 2003 which gave her a big hit. Then again Deborah released her third album named "Life Your Gaze" in which she gave an impressive performance to the audience.


Divorce with Robert Downey,Jr

2004 26th of April

Debora Falconer and Hollywood's Iron Man, Robert were married for about 12 years. The former husband and wife separated with a divorce action filed in the LA court on 26 April 2004. The former couple also has a child together.

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