Dead Mother and Son Found in a Cave; Suspected Murder

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A German mother and her ten-year-old son were found dead in a cave, which police have suspected to be murder after her another 5-year-old son was found wandering alone nearby.

The woman, Silvia, 39, is German and the carcasses were found near Adeje or La Quinta de Ifonche, Tenerife.


CAPTION: Police looking for clues at Adeje

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Silvia's husband and the father of the boys, Thomas R H, aged 43, was arrested on grounds of suspicion of the murder of his wife.

The mother and sons were reported missing earlier this week sparking a major search operation.

The woman's youngest son was spotted this morning.

The boy claims to have been taken to the area by his father along with his mother and brother, but he had somehow managed to escape.


CAPTION: Police looking for clues at Adeje

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Juan Salvador León, spokesperson of the Government of Canary Islands confirmed on his address on Wednesday that the 5-year-old son had informed the authorities about the mishap.

Juan further stated that the boy had been spotted by another person who then delivered him to the police station.

The security forces are further investigating the cave for more clues.

The mayor confirmed that the deceased woman and boy were both violently beaten to their death.

He has announced three days of official mourning for the dead.