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David Shaffer Biography

David Shaffer

Facts of David Shaffer

Date of Birth: 1936 , April-20
Birth Nation: United States

Quick Timeline of David Shaffer

1936 Born in United States
1984 Married to Anna Wintour
1989 Received Awards
1998 Won Phill Prize
1999 Divorce Anna Wintour
2004 Received Rye Award
2009 Won Joseph Zubin Award

Detail Timeline of David Shaffer

April 20 , 1936

Born in United States

Professor David Shaffer was born on April 20, 1936, in the United States. David is the Irving Philips Professor of child Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, at the Columbia University and Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.


Married to Anna Wintour

David Shaffer married journalist and reporter Anna Wintour and the couple blessed with two children; son Charles Shaffer and beautiful daughter Katherine who Is known as Bee Shaffer.


Received Awards

David won the American Suicide Foundation’s Award for his research in suicide. Further, he received American Mental Health Fund Research Award for research on suicide.


Won Phill Prize

For David’s outstanding contribution, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry awarded him the “Phill Prize” and he also received McGavin Award which was awarded by the American Psychiatric Association.


Divorce Anna Wintour

Shaffer divorced with his second wife Anna Wintor. According to source Newspapers and Columnist claimed her affair with investor Shelby Bryan, so this could be the reason for their divorce.



Received Rye Award

David Shaffer received several awards and honors through his study and research in suicide and diagnosis. He won the Klingsenstein Third-Generation Foundation Award for Research in Depression or Suicide. Further, he also received Rye Award.


Won Joseph Zubin Award

Former President of the International Society for Research in child Adolescents Psychiatry, professor David Shaffer received the Joseph Zubin Award from the American Psychopathological Association.


Moreover, Shaffer conducted the first epidemiological study of child and early adolescent suicide using the psychological autopsy method at Maudsley. Shaffer is a President of the International Society for Research in Child, Adolescent Psychiatry and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

He was awarded McGavin Award and Itteleson Award by the America Psychiatric Association. Further Mr. Shaffer was charged by the National Institute of Health to develop a child version of the DIS for use in large field studies. In addition to his research and studies, he has contributed to the debate about the relationship between SSRI antidepressants and suicidal behavior.

Heading towards Mr. Shaffer personal life, Shaffer married Caterer Serena Bass and has two sons. But unfortunately their marriage ended on a sad note and the couple now live separate lives. After his divorce, Shaffer married his second wife, a journalist and an editor Anna Wintour, and has a beautiful daughter Bee and a son Charles Shaffer. Charles was Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour. Shaffer's second marriage lasted for about 15 years and are now separated.

Shaffer is actively engaged in research on DSM-V, on the determinants and triggers of suicide ideation, and on the categorization of suicide ideation and behavior in adolescents. As of 2016, Shaffer's net worth is estimated to be around $30 million.