David Lynch Biography

Published On Oct 12, 2017
Facts of David Lynch
Date of Birth: 1946 , January-20
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inch
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David studied painting at the "Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts," where he produced his first short movie. He produced his first motion picture Eraserhead in 1977. His movie, "The Elephant Man," gained mainstream success, which was a biographical film of a deformed man, Joseph Merrick in 1980. 

Moreover, Lynch also made own television series, "Twin Peaks" in 1990, cinematic prequel such as Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Wild at Heart, The Straight story which won the heart of people.

In 2002, David earned the civilian honor from the French government as a Chevalier then an Officier in 2007. His movie Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive were considered as one of the greatest films of their respective decades by critics. 

Additionally, David Lynch also released two solo albums, Crazy Clown Time in 2011 and The Big Dream in 2013.    

David has earned wide recognition and fame from his professional career. He won Golden Palm Award, Best Director Award, Special Distinction Award, Life Career Award, Future Film Festival Digital Award, Career Golden Lion Award, etc. and nominated for several others prestigious award too. 

Moving towards his personal life, David had several long-term relationships, and he married four times till date. Firstly, he married to Peggy Lentz in 1967 and gave birth to a daughter, Jennifer Chambers Lynch.

After seven years of marital relationship, they filed a divorce. Later, Mary Fisk became his second wife in 1982, and the couple gave birth to a son, Austin Jack Lynch. The couple divorced in 1987.

Moreover, Lynch married Mary Sweeney after dating Isabella Rossellini for several months. Mary and David married in 2006 but divorced after three years in 2009. Again, Emily Stofle became his fourth spouse in 2009 and gave birth to Lula Boginia Lynch in 2012. David and Emily are living together without having any rumors of divorce

Being American director, screenwriter, producer musician and actor, David Lynch earns the good sum of money. His current estimated net worth is $60 million by which he finances his living.

David Lynch facts on timeline

Born in Missoula, Montana.

January 20 , 1946

David Lynch was born on 20th January 1946 in Missoula, Montana. His father,  Donald Walton was a research scientist and mother, Edwina was an English language tutor. 

Began making Short Movie.


In 1960, David Lynch started making short movies. He started with the animated movie, "Six men Getting Sick" in 1966 and later released "The Alphabet", which was a combination of animation and live action. 

Married to Peggy Lentz


David Lynch married Peggy Lentz in Chicago in 1967. The couple gave birth to a daughter, Jennifer Chambers Lyncha; movie director who was born in 1968. The couple divorced in 1974.

Married to Mary Fisk.

June 21 , 1977

Secondly, David Lynch married to Mary Fish in 1977. The couple gave birth to a son, Austin Jack Lynch in 1982. The couple divorced after ten years of relationship in 1987.

Married to Mary


After getting divorced twice, David Lynch married to Mary Sweeney in 2006. The couple gave birth to a son but divorced after three years of marital relationship in 2009. 

Married to Emily Stofle


After having marital relationship with three women, David married to an American actress, Emily Stofle in 2009. The couple gave birth to Lula Boginia Lync in 2012. 

Current Networth


American director, screenwriter, producer musician and actor, David Lynch earns the good sum of money from his career. His current estimated net worth is around $60 million by which he finances his living.