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Home Gossip David Harbour dating no one and is single after breakup from girlfriend Julia Stiles

David Harbour dating no one and is single after breakup from girlfriend Julia Stiles

Ashmita Karki Fri Sep, 2016
David Harbour dating no one and is single after breakup from girlfriend Julia Stiles

“Black Mass” actor David Harbour is one of the promising American actors. He dated American actress Julia Stiles in the past.  However, this couple did not last long. You might want to grab a seat before hearing this as David has not dated anyone and is currently single after his separation with Julia Stiles.

image: David Harbour and Julie Stiles




image: Harbour and Stiles during the HBO annual Emmy Awards


David Harbour dated Stiles in 2011. According to sources, Harbour met Stiles during a theatre performance. But we cannot confirm this because there is not much information available about their affair. However, many photos of this duo can be found on the internet. They have been spotted hanging out together, going on dates, vacations and so on. Thus, we can say that they looked perfect together. But we do not know what went wrong between this amazing couple, causing them to split in 2012. This celebrity couple was the favourite of many fans. Eventually, their breakup saddened many of their admirers.


image: David Harbour

After Harbour and Stiles separation, Stiles moved on and dated camera assistant, Preston J. Cook, but Harbour could not move on so easily. Recently, there came the news of Julia Stiles being engaged to Cook as she flashed her engagement ring on her Instagram account. This news might have hurt Harbour because we believe he was still in love with her. We do not see any reason except that behind Harbour not being able to move on. He has not been involved with any woman after Stiles. Even during his relationship, he never had an affair with anyone.



image: David Harbour


There were rumours of David Harbour being gay but none of those rumours was concrete. In fact, it’s not appropriate to question his sexual preference as he had a girlfriend in the past. However, Harbour has not married anyone yet. Maybe the reason behind this is that he has not found the woman that can be his wife.



Beauty and the beast

A photo posted by David Harbour (@dkharbour) on 

A week ago, Harbour posted a photo, in which, he was very close to a lady, with the caption ‘Beauty and the Beast’. A lot of people doubted that they are seeing each other and they even asked about it in the comment section. But Harbour did not reply any of the comments. We do not think they are because if they had then Harbour would obviously mention it. She just looked like one of his co-actress.

We hope David Harbour finds her right girl really soon and starts a family with her.