David Cassidy's ex-wife Sue Shifrin Cassidy not pleased with A&E's new documentary 'Tell-all' 

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A&E Network released its latest documentary, tell-all about American actor David Cassidy's secret battle against alcoholism during the last months of his life. And not all are pleased with the new documentary.

In particular, Cassey's third ex-wife Sue Shifrin Cassidy with how the channel depicted the last of Cassidy's life in the documentary.

VIDEO: 'David Cassidy: The Last Sessions' official promo

Shifrin slammed the network and the documentary David Cassidy: The Last Sessions via Twitter last week.

I have been inundated with comments re upcoming A&E special about @DavidCassidyFan,

Shifrin wrote.

I rarely comment on such matters, however, I cannot tell you how sad & disappointed we are that A&E chose to air this special that no one [sic] in the Cassidy Family sanctioned or wanted.

This program is exploitive [sic] & sensational,

Everyone who participated was interested in only one thing… in their 15 seconds of fame. Shame on A&E and all involved.

VIDEO: Sue Shifrin is upset over A&E's documentary

Danny Bonaduce who participated in the documentary responded to Shiffrin's tweet, writing,

Dear Sue, Sorry to hear my 15 min are just about up. I kind of knew. There was a Cassidy involved, his name was David,

Bonaduce, 58, tweeted.

He asked me to participate & I was happy to do it for him. I don’t see any shame in speaking fondly about David. My best to you & Beau.

Bonaduce had shared the screen with late David in The Patridge Family, an American sitcom which aired from September 1970 to March 1974.

Immediately after Bonaduce's tweet, Shifrin deleted her tweets and even her Twitter account.

The meltdown came on the heels of news that David lied about having dementia and lied about living a sober life. David who died last November at 67, died from organ failure.

The fact is that I lied about my drinking,

Cassidy revealed in a recorded phone conversation with A&E producers.

I did [this] to myself to cover up the sadness and the emptiness.

VIDEO: David Cassidy lied about drinking

Cassidy and Shifrin were married for 16 years from 1991-2016.

The channel has declined to comment on Shifrin's comments.

David Cassidy: The Last Sessions airs on the channel on Monday, June 11.