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Home Gossip CTV News Journalist Sandie Rinaldo's husband Michael died in 2005. What happened?

CTV News Journalist Sandie Rinaldo's husband Michael died in 2005. What happened?

Ashmita Karki Wed Nov, 2016
CTV News Journalist Sandie Rinaldo's husband Michael died in 2005. What happened?

CTV news anchor Sandie Rinaldo is a very successful journalist. 66-year-old Rinaldo’s professional life is alluring but some parts of her personal life are rather sad. Rinaldo was married to Michael until his death parted them in 2005. Isn’t it too sad? Let’s find out more about Rinaldo.

Sandie Rinaldo and her husband Michael's encounter

Rinaldo and her husband Michael dated for a while before tying the knot. They met at York University. Rinaldo was in her first year then. It seems like Rinaldo and Michael fell in love quite fast as they got married before Rinaldo even graduated. 

Image: Sandie Rinaldo

Sandie Rinaldo and her husband had strong chemistry

Rinaldo and her husband’s chemistry was great. They had three amazing daughters together. The understanding between them was abundant. They worked together to raise their daughters. Rinaldo worked early morning and her husband would work in the evenings, in order to give time to their kids. Rinaldo never had to worry about anything.
Rinaldo gives all the credits to her darling husband. During an interview, she said: “I could not have done what I did without Michael, “she says. She recalled her past and further added: “What a comfort it was to be able to walk out the door and know that your children are being looked after by someone who adores them.” 

Image: Sandie Rinaldo

Sandie Rinaldo lost her husband to cancer

Toronto-born Rinaldo was the first woman in Canada who held a full-time job of a national commentator when she became the ‘Canada A.M.’ anchor. Despite having such a busy work schedule, Rinaldo never failed to manage time for her family. Her husband Michael was a great helping hand to her. Their relationship and bond were pretty amazing. However, life turned out to be unfair to her. She never divorced her husband but lost him to lung cancer in 2005.

Image: Sandie Rinaldo

Sandie Rinaldo's husband was her best friend

Rinaldo and her husband were really close. It seems like the love between them was immense. During the same interview, Rinaldo said: “Michael was not just my husband. He was my best friend,”

Video: Watch Sandie Rinaldo

However, Rinaldo moved on in her life. She raised her daughters with immense love and grace. She was really close to the girls and played the role of both father and mother in their lives. Despite running in her late 60s, Rinaldo is as dedicated to her career as she was in the beginning even at present. Rinaldo says: “I love everything about it because I’m still constantly challenged. Perhaps it’s because it’s an ever-evolving situation. You’re only as good as your last show.” 

Isn’t she so inspiring? What do you guy think? Please leave your opinions in the comment box below.