Crowed Cheered As a New Jersey Man Urinated on A Police Vehicle, Cop Says it is an Insult

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A New Jersey man was captured Sunday after police say a video showed up on social media seeming to demonstrate the suspect peeing on a parked Newark police SUV - while a group applauded him.

The alleged culprit Tauqeer Boyd, 22, in the video that was shot Saturday night, seemed to pee on the marked police vehicle left outside the CityPlex 12 cinema, the Newark Department of Public Safety said in an announcement.

Boyd was captured at his home only hours after natives alarmed police to the video. The Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose said in a statement,

We absolutely will not tolerate disrespect of our police, We take this as a personal insult. When our department became aware of this, we moved quickly to apprehend the suspect.

Boyd was accused of lecherousness, criminal underhandedness and misbehaviors, police said.

Tauqeer CAPTION: Tauqeer Boyd,22, peed on a police vehicle was arrested by the police SOURCE: Fox News

The West Orange local was recently captured in October for burglarizing a police cruiser stopped outside Hoboken Police base camp, police said. Boyd and another man had scavenged through the vehicle, tossing two brings books on the ground and unfastening a Narcan unit.

Moreover, Ambrose also appreciated the effort made by the local saying,

The public wants to be respected and wants the police to be respected, too. This was not only an insult to us, but a quality of life issue. Newark residents want us to enforce the law and improve the quality of life in the city.

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