Cristiano Ronaldo Sued by Woman Named Kathryn Mayorga for Alleged Rape

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A woman named Kathryn Mayorga sued Cristiano Ronaldo, accusing of rape in a lawsuit filed in Clark County, Nevada, on Friday, September 28, multiple sources have confirmed.

According to the civil complaint obtained, the Portuguese football player star, 33, sexually assaulted the Las Vegas woman in his penthouse suite at the Palms Casino Resort in the city in June 2009.

Kathryn claims while changing her clothes in a bathroom, Ronaldo approached her, exposed himself and allegedly asked her for oral sex.

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She allegedly refused but the footballer pulled her into a bedroom and raped her. Kathryn repeatedly screamed 'no' but Ronaldo allegedly didn't stop.

According to CNN reports, the victim reported the incident to police later that day after which she was sent to a local hospital for a sexual assault examination.

The lawsuit states Kathryn initially refused to give identification of Ronaldo in fear of public humiliation but weeks later, she named him during an interview with officials.

The woman further claims in the filing that the Ronaldo retained a team of so-called “personal reputation protection specialists” who monitored her, her friends and family as well as police in an attempt to prevent the allegations not to be public.

As per the report, Kathryn negotiated a $375,000 settlement.

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