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Home Gossip Cristiano Ronaldo’s and Real Madrid inside home

Cristiano Ronaldo’s and Real Madrid inside home

Richa Tue Jan, 2016
Cristiano Ronaldo’s and Real Madrid inside home

There is the good news to Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans all across, as he is provided with the last opportunity to look at him to close quarters. Playing with both the national team of Portugal and the football team real Madrid the life of Cristiano Ronaldo has spent most of his life within the football and playing with his best performances. Now, this popular player has given tour towards his home that might be the best news, circulated among and across his fans all around. He is shown around his home and giving a wonderful time to himself across his familiar’s all around.

He is also surviving around all across the basketball hoop, swimming pools and football pitch with complete home environment. Real Madrid also stated, he will be going to some few holiday times spending his qualitative time with his homely environment all across. This homely study of the football player starts from his bed room as stated by Ronaldo. Further, he states, it is one of the most important portion of his life with lots of memories within it. According to him, for making the very best performance all he need is a perfect rest for his body with the peace and sound environment.

 His bedroom consists of reflective black wall and the other side of his bed room consists of the views of his backyard of his home. Similarly, his sitting room consists of large television and also has very luxurious and comfortable couches where he can view and catch up with the games, movies as well as notch. His living area further consists of the large full size mirror that is attached with the dining space of his home. Similarly, his kitchen and cooking area consist of a very large space, so that it does not look too messy and disordered of the things.