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Home Gossip Cristiano Ronaldo is currently dating his Spanish girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently dating his Spanish girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Alishan Wed Jan, 2017
Cristiano Ronaldo is currently dating his Spanish girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

It looks like romance is in the air for the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. The famous footballer is always in the headlines for something or another. This time he has been making headlines for past few months from winning his fourth Ballon D’Or and because of his new lady love.

Cristiano and new girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

The Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo is dating the Spanish beauty Georgina Rodriguez. They were first spotted together back in November 2016 at Disneyland Paris. Even though Cristiano was disguised, the Italian press still recognized him and snapped the couple’s photo.

Caption: Cristiano in disguise as he enjoys Disneyland date with his new love

Source: worldnews

It was rumored that they have been in a relationship for a few months but, decided to keep it private since everything Ronaldo does is scrutinized by the media, however, they have now decided to go public with it.

From what we know Georgina is a former Gucci model and has also worked at Gucci store in Madrid, Spain. The 21-year-old beauty first caught the eye of the Portuguese player in the VIP area of Dolce and Gabbana. Apparently, after seeing her at that event, he was really attracted to her and have been said to be dating since then.

Before dating Georgina, Cristiano has been linked to many other people. In August, he was seen cuddling up with the fitness model Cassandre Davis but, seems like that romance didn’t last long as just after one month of that, it was rumored that he was dating former Miss Spain Desire Cordero. The relationship with Cordero also didn't last for a long time and rumor has it that Cristiano dumped her when he found out that she was using him for his fame and money.

Caption: Cristiano cuddling up to Cassandre Davis in August

Cristiano and Georgina have been spotted on dates around Madrid. Back in December Cristiano was seen out with his girlfriend Georgina having dinner in Madrid. It looked like Cristiano was treating his lady love at local Japanese restaurant Kabuki Wellington after he secured his fourth Ballon d'Or title. The couple attracted the crowd as they made their exit.

It also looks like Cristiano is serious about his relationship with his new beau Georgina. Many fans have spotted her attending Cristiano’s game and it also seems like Georgina gets on pretty well with Cristiano’s son Ronaldo Jr.

Caption: Georgina with Ronaldo Jr. during Real Madrid's game

Georgina was seen bonding with Ronaldo Jr. during a match against Deportiva and to their amusement Real Madrid won that match. It must have been a thrilling feeling to win the match and also see your kid and your girlfriend get on so well. Georgina was seen giving Ronaldo Jr. her undivided attention as he was excitedly showing her something.

Video: Cristiano Ronaldo with his Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez watching Real Madrid vs Deportivo

So, we wish the couple a happy life and hope things work out well for them. Want to wish the couple? Please, leave your opinions in the comment box below.