Courtney Thorne-Smith married Roger Fishman in 2007 after her first divorce

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Alison Parker on Melrose Place is none other than Courtney Thorne-Smith. You might also remember this talented star as Lyndsey McElroy in Two and a Half Men. Thorne-Smith is married to Roger Fishman. This couple has been together for a long time. But, this is not her first marriage.

Courtney was earlier married to Andrew Conard and had been a number of relationships. Let’s have a closer look at Thorne-Smith’s personal life.

Courtney Thorne-Smith married husband Andrew Conrad

Thorne-Smith was previously married to Andrew Conrad. She tied the knot with Conrad, a geneticist by profession, in June 2000. However, their marital relationship lasted only for a short period as they got divorced in January 2001. Thorne-Smith never spoke anything about her relationship with her first husband and their divorce.

American actress Courtney Thorne-Smith with an Actor Andrew Conrad

Image: American actress Courtney Thorne-Smith with an Actor Andrew Conrad

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Besides her relationship with Andrew, she briefly dated Andrew Shue.

Courtney Thorne-Smith dated boyfriend Andrew Shue

She also dated Andrew Shue who was her ‘Melrose Place’ co-star and was also engaged to Robert Andrews in 2003.

Image: Courtney Thorne-Smith with Andrew Shue

Image: Courtney Thorne-Smith with Andrew Shue

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Courtney Thorne-Smith married husband Roger Fishman

Currently, Thorne-Smith is the wife of Roger Fishman, Zizo Group president and author of ‘What I Know’. They got hitched on 1st January 2007 at a wedding ceremony that took place in their own house.

Image: Courtney Thorne-Smith with Roger Fishman

Image: Actress Courtney Thorne-Smith with husband Roger Fishman

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Courtney Thorne-Smith and Roger Fishman has a son

Thorne-Smith and her husband Roger got the privilege of becoming a parent for the first time on 11th January 2008. She gave birth to a baby boy, Jacob ‘Jake’ Emerson Fishman who weighed 6lbs, 13oz at the time of his birth. The whole delivery process wasn’t easy for Thorne-Smith as her delivery took place two weeks late and she had to pass through 12 hours of labor.

One of Thorne-Smith’s close friend said that both Thorne-Smith and Fishman were amazed and delighted after Jake was born. Moreover, Thorne-Smith would have named their child Maya if it was a girl. Jake got his middle name ‘Emerson’ as it is the name of Thorne-Smith’s father.

Video: Courtney Thorne-Smith with her son Jake

After the birth of Jake, Thorne-Smith’s representative publicly stated that both the mother and dad are excited as the baby is absolutely healthy and gorgeous. 

Image: Courtney Thorne-Smith with Jake

Image: Courtney Thorne-Smith with son Jake

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Thorne-Smith’s son is 9 years old at present. He has got the looks and charm from both his parents. No wonder he is an adorable boy.

Courtney Thorne-Smith and Roger Fishman relationship at present

Thorne-Smith’s togetherness with her husband Fishman has already been a decade. The pair seems to be very understanding and supportive. They have been taking care of their son with equal love and affection. Despite the years, it seems like the love between Thorne-Smith and Fishman hasn’t got any less.

Beautiful actress Courtney Thorne with husband and child

Beautiful actress Courtney Thorne with husband and child

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The adorable couple appears to share a very strong bond. Thorne-Smith has been a very loyal and loving wife as she hasn’t been linked with any man after her marriage besides her husband. Thus, there are no hints of divorce between the pair.

Image: Courtney Thorne-Smith with Roger Fishman

Image: Courtney Thorne-Smith with Roger Fishman

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