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Home News Courteney Cox Reveals She Lost Virginity At Age 21

Courteney Cox Reveals She Lost Virginity At Age 21

Mahammad Arsad shekh Fri Feb, 2019
Courteney Cox Reveals She Lost Virginity At Age 21

Opening up about sex life! Courteney Cox never publicly spoked out about her sex life but now she has revealed that she lost her virginity at the age of 21.

During an episode of the Late Late Show With James Corden on Wednesday, February 13, the Friends alum, 54, said her mother, Courteney Copeland, 84, helped her set the mood losing her virginity.

She said in the show, "I didn’t learn anything. My mom never talked to me about one thing that I should have known".

She added, "I shouldn’t probably say this, but I will. I was a virgin until I was 21. We can be proud of that."

Copeland lent a helping hand to her daughter when the things between Cox and her boyfriend was getting serious.

 The Cougar Town alum continued,

Once things started getting serious with her beau, Copeland lent a helping hand. “I remember, I dated the guy for a long time and my mom was like, ‘OK, I think she’s going to be with him for a while.’ And she sent me a pair of underwear to try to, you know, womanhood. And they were called Olga and I swear, the lace was about three-and-a-half, four inches, and then the cotton part. But they were so much better than the ones I was wearing, so I was really backwards when it came to that.

Cox gave a special shoutout to her daughter Coco Arquette, 14, who she shares with ex-husband David Arquette. She said, "Get that, Coco?"

The former couple, who became married in 1999, ended their relationship with a divorce after 13 years of marriage in 2013.

Back in June 2017, Cox revealed to NewBeauty that she "would love to have a baby" with boyfriend Johnny McDaid.

Cox and Johnny were previously engaged for more than a year, from June 2014 to December 2015. They reconciled their romance in May 2016.

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