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Correspondent Catherine Herridge's son suffered cancer and she saved him

Sandip Dangal Tue Jan, 2017
Correspondent Catherine Herridge's son suffered cancer and she saved him

Catherine Herridge is a Chief Intelligence correspondent for the Fox News Channel. The 52-year-old media personality completed her Bachelor's degree from Harvard College and she earned a Master's Degree in journalism from the Columbia University. The famous media worker is married to husband JD Hayes.

She is a loving mother and wife. The couple is blessed with two sons. We know if someone can love us unconditionally, it is our mother. Catherine is also a mother before her job as a correspondent and alike all the loving mothers she has shown great love and affection towards her cancer infected son Peter. Stay with us to know more about the story.

Catherine Herridge

Caption: Fox News Correspondent Catherine Herridge


Married Life of Catherine Herridge

Catherine Herridge is a married woman. She is married to her husband JD Hayes since 13th of March 2004. Her husband JD Hayes is an air force Lt. The happily married couple is blessed with two children, Peter and Jamie. She has been together with her husband for a long time and till this date, there is no rumor about their dispute and divorce. There is a very good mutual understanding between the couple.

Catherine Herridge with her husband JD and children

Caption: Catherine Herridge with her husband JD and children


Though Catherine was happy with her married life as a wife, she got a terrible shock as a mother when she came to know about her son Peter's health condition. Her son Peter was diagnosed with the very rare chronic liver cancer since his birth. The disease was termed as the Biliary atresia which blocked his bile ducts and ultimately led to progressive damage to his vital body functions.

What Did She Do to Save Her Son Life

When her son was diagnosed with cancer, the whole family along with Catherine got shocked. The doctor prescribed that Peter's liver should be transplanted to save his life. So, the family ultimately decided to transplant his liver, however, they were unable to get any donor for a long time.

Catherine Herridge with her son Peter

Caption: Catherine Herridge with her son Peter


Finally, Catherine, herself decided to donate her liver after her husband became ready to take care of her 19-months-old daughter Jamie. Finally, the operation was held on 6 June 2006 while Peter was still an infant. By donating a part of own liver to a child, she has proven how daring and loving could a mother be and became the living example of motherhood.

Despite being a media personality, Catherine herself loves to keep her personal information secret. So that talking more about her personal life is like breaking an Iron bar. However, it is still known that she is also an author apart from a media worker. Her recently published book is 'The Next Wave: On the Hunt For al Qaeda's American Recruits'.

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