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Home Gossip Agnes Wilczynski's Professional Life, Know About His Annual Earning, Salary, & Net Worth

Agnes Wilczynski's Professional Life, Know About His Annual Earning, Salary, & Net Worth

Kurt Wed Jul, 2018
Agnes Wilczynski's Professional Life, Know About His Annual Earning, Salary, & Net Worth

The coordinator of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) and also the actor of the popular Animal Planet series Tanked, Agnes Wilczynski has both beauty and brains to achieve success in her career. She was not always in ATM, but she has the brain to see the opportunity when she sees it and it is all because of the same that she has been able to reach the position where she is now.

ATM is one of the successful business ventures out there and so is the TV show Tanked. She is a part of both of these successful businesses. Find out more about her professional life and the net worth she has made through her profession.

Co-Ordinating Her Career

At the start of her career, Agnes' started as a hair designer which she gave up for the job of a sales representative. It seems that the skills that she acquired during her days as a hair designer still comes in handy as you can always see her in the show having good and smooth hair.

After her time as a hair designer, she started to work for a local Ferrari dealership as a sales representative in Las Vegas. It was during that time that she had the fateful encounter with Wayde King, the co-owner of ATM.

At the time of their meet, her goal was to sell a car to Wayde which she was able to accomplish. But, during the process, she got to know Wayde better and was inspired by him.

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CAPTION: Tanked Crew
SOURCE: tvtropes

Wayde also took into the talent of Agnes to be able to sell a car. Thier meet led her to work for him. She is currently working for one of the biggest aquarium-building manufacturer in the US known as Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM).

The purpose of the business is to create over the top aquariums for a variety of clients, the list of which includes celebrities and regular folks alike. 

The company is co-owned by Wayde King and Brett Raymer. The show Tanked, which airs on Animal Planet, features the work they do. 

A Clip From Tanked

The company has build aquariums for some of the biggest celebrities such as Shaquille O' Neal, the happily married comedian Jeff Dunham, Ty Dolla Sign, David Hasselhoff, and another comedian and father of three Howie Mandel to name but a few. The show and company both are doing well and is successful.

Agnes plays a vital role for the success of the company and shows as she is the person responsible for the everyday handling of incoming calls and coordinating with designers to estimate the cost of any work that they do. She is a valuable member of the show and the company. 

Salary and Net Worth of Agnes

The salary of the Tanked star Agnes is yet to be found out as news regarding the salary of the cast of Tanked and the staff of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing has not been made public. 

Anyway, the tank that the company creates is priced from $5,000 for a 10-gallon tank and reach $1 million or more for a 5,000-gallon one or larger that has rare fish. Well, considering some of the designs, those aquariums to are worth the amount.

With the company making big bucks, she has to be raking in quite a big sum. We have estimated her net worth to be somewhere from 6 to 7 figures. But unfortunately, we don't have the exact figures of her net worth.