Conservative Journalist Katie Pavlich Engaged with Brandon Darby? Know more

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Katie Pavlich, a young and ambitious lady who has earned a name for herself through her work as a reporter. But today we will take a peek into the personal life of this beautiful lady.

So far Katie has managed to keep her personal and professional life separate. She has done a very good job to keep her affairs to herself. It is quite hard to do that when you are famous and all.

The Fox News journalist Katie Pavlich

The Fox News journalist Katie Pavlich

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However, rumors have been flying around about Katie is engaged and is all set to get married. Is it true or just false news? Let’s get into the details of her love affairs.

Kaite Pavlich Is Getting Married: Truth or Hoax?

The Fox News Channel journalist is so successful and gorgeous all along, many have thought of dating her. The recent rumors of her engagement have wrenched lots of her female fans. Let's try to find out the truth.


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Katie has been linked with Brandon Darby. But the pair has never announced it officially. Brandon Darby is an American Informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a conservative blogger and managing director of Breitbart Texas. Well, they do work in the same field and maybe that is the reason they were assumed to be dating.

The rumors about them having an affair immersed ever since they have known each other. But Katie has refused to disclose him as her boyfriend publicly.

But wait there’s something else too, Brandon sarcastically posted on Twitter regarding the link-up between him and Katie saying that he almost didn’t date Katie as he was against dating someone from the same movement.

And also there is a photo of Katie and Brandon together and they seem to be having a pretty good time together. The photo has been captioned ‘Katie and some boyfriend who no one knows’. Katie has kept everyone guessing about her love life.

On the other hand, there is also news that Katie Pavlich has already found love in her home state Arizona. It is said that she has a boyfriend back home and they have been childhood friends. Apparently, the unknown boyfriend may be Brandon and his tweet about dating suggests so. They are said to be serious about their relationship and hope to get married someday.

Katie Pavlich and Brandon Darby: Know about their Relationship

Many sources have revealed that Katie and Brandon have always been in love since their childhood. They had plans of taking their long-term relationship to another level by tying the knot but Katie’s goal and ambitions didn’t allow her to follow her heart.

Katie and Brandon Darby knew each other since their childhood days

Katie and Brandon Darby knew each other since their childhood days

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However, she didn’t have any regrets about what she has done and said, “I know he will be right there and I will be right here”.

Well, that is a very bold move and probably the right decision too. Getting married and having a family would have definitely wasted the potential and talent she has. So, for now, we can say that Katie Pavlich is in a relationship but yet to marry.

It's hard to come up with anything regarding them getting married until she herself decides to reveal it. Until then all we can do is just wait.