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Home News Congress Must Act or Trump Will Close Southern Border

Congress Must Act or Trump Will Close Southern Border

Navin shah Wed Apr, 2019
Congress Must Act or Trump Will Close Southern Border

Donald Trump has always been vocal about the Southern border and all the illegitimate migration going through it. And recently, the president threatened the Congress to come to the table if they want to see the border open.

The president highlighted the increased drug trafficking, and asylum seeker entering through the border. In a press met with Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Trump stated, 

Congress has to meet quickly and make a deal. I could do it in 45 minutes. We need to get rid of chain migration, We need to get rid of catch and release and visa lottery. And we have to do something about asylum. And to be honest with you, we have to get rid of judges,

Trump also went on to say that all the matters of immigration has been long vexed and that it could be discussed within 45 minutes if taken seriously. He said,

It is the worst, dumbest immigration system in the world, The Democrats can change it in one meeting. Everyone would agree. But they don't want to change it because they don't want to give Republicans a victory.

Well, after the threat to close the border a few days back, Trump mentioned on Tuesday that the Mexico government has become more anxious on the matter.

They've made a big step over the last two days. They are apprehending people, The fact that they're doing that means fewer people are going to come

Moreover, he also sternly stated that just in case Mexico does not continue to become more serious on the issue, he is fully prepared to close the border.

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