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Home Gossip Know Rapper Conceited's net worth. Also find out his income and career and awards

Know Rapper Conceited's net worth. Also find out his income and career and awards

abhilasha Thu Nov, 2016
Know Rapper Conceited's net worth. Also find out his income and career and awards

Conceited is one of the well-known American rappers from Brooklyn. He is best known for his battling prowess and his recurring roles on the MTV2 program Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out. He has made his appearance in many TV shows and in several major league rap battles.  

Conceited dream of being a famous rapper in the United States came true after being awarded many titles in the rap battles. He has also been able to win various TV shows title related to rap battles and drew his way high in the music industry. Rapper Conceited being such a great rapper definitely enjoys having his passion for rapping his source of income and having good net worth.   

American Rapper Conceited

American Rapper Conceited

Source: Dailymail

All the performances that Conceited has given are loved and praised a lot through which he got a chance to be in the spotlight. Here we will be letting you know much information about Conceited. net worth.

Conceited's net worth and source of income

Conceited draw everyone's attention after he battled with Scribble Jam champion in Grind Time in the year 2004. After winning this battle he caught up instant popularity. Conceited continued to give his appearance in many rap battles and also gave performances in many shows afterward.

He won more hearts and his talent was more praised after he won one of the battles he had against Loaded Lux's Lionz Den. All these victories led him to huge success and a richer life.



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Conceited established himself as a brilliant rapper and became an internet sensation in no time. Being successful and performing in many events was his source of income.

He gradually started earning more and more money and became blessed with good net worth. If sources are to be believed, his net worth as in 2017 is estimated to be around $500k. However, the data can not be trusted for sure.

Conceited's career and Professional Life

Conceited in the year 2013 was named as the cast of MTV's Wild 'N Out. Prior to that he won the battle in Grind Time and Ultimate Rap League and won many awards. Conceited was able to be the most viewed battle rappers on the internet too. Starting one's career in 2004 he was able to accomplish a lot more than any other rappers have achieved.


Conceited got his huge break after he got into his battles at Da Jungle in Stockton, California and was picked up by Grind Time Now and afterward made the rounds on Being in Grind Time he was up against the 2004 Scribble Jam Champion and two-time World Rap Championships winner Illmaculate. This battle pushed Conceited's fame to the height.

Conceited with his manager and business partner Kenneth Martin has launched Battle Box Networks LLC which is a social development network. The Internet Meme of Conceited in 2016 also gained huge popularity in all social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.