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Home Gossip Commonwealth Bank Announces Matt Comyn as New CEO, Know His Net Worth, Career & Awards

Commonwealth Bank Announces Matt Comyn as New CEO, Know His Net Worth, Career & Awards

Sabina Gartaula Wed Feb, 2018
Commonwealth Bank Announces Matt Comyn as New CEO, Know His Net Worth, Career & Awards

Matt Comyn is an Australian born Banker best known as the Head of Retail Banking Services at Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He has been serving the bank in the post since 2012, and as of 2017, he has been appointed as the CEO of the bank, and it will be taking effect from 9th April of 2018. He succeeded former CEO Ian Narev after he announced his resignation which would take effect from 2018 fiscal year.  

Matt, who is a very confidential person and has revealed very fewer details about his personal life owns an Executive MBA from Sydney University and also a Master's degree in Commerce.

Matt Comyn

Matt Comyn

Source: The Australian

At the moment, he is a very talked about name in the financial news section. And we are going to share details about the CEO's net worth, salary, career, and awards. 

Matt Comyn net worth, and salary

The estimated net worth of Matt Comyn as of 2018 is under review, and at the same time, there is very less information about his assets and net worth. 

However, as he has been appointed as the new CEO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, his net worth can be expected to rise. According to sources, the new CEO will be receiving a fixed remuneration of AUD2.2 million which is around USD1.71. Moreover, he will also be provided with a short-term incentive of AUD2.2 million and a long-term incentive of AUD3.96 million which is around USD3.09. 

Know more about Matt's appointment as CEO

According to an Australian news portal, Matt is going to be paid a massive AUD8.36 million, i.e., USD 6.52 million by 2019. 

Meanwhile, taking a closer look at his earning last year, he was paid AUD2.35 million. 

Matt Comyn career and awards

Matt started his career with Commonwealth Bank Group back in 1999. Firstly, he served as the Managing Director of Commonwealth Securities. He was promoted to the post of Chief Executive of Australian Wealth Mangement Business. Later in 2010, he left the bank and worked at Morgan Stanley's wealth business in Australia as a CEO. However, the departure was only for a short period of time. 

And finally, in 2012, he started working as Head of Retail Banking Services at Commonwealth Bank of Australia. 

Matt Comyn

Matt Comyn

Source: The Hearld

Moreover, as mentioned above, as of 2018, with almost 20 years of experience in banking, he has been appointed as the CEO of the bank and will start working on the position from 9th April of 2018.

Previously, the post was held by Ian Narve beforehand, but in August of 2017, he shared that he would be resigning from the post from 2018 because of all the controversies he was involved in. 

Nonetheless, the officials of the bank are very happy to give him the post. One of the officials said, 'In selecting the new CEO, the board considered, very carefully, which candidate would be best suited to manage the unique combination of the bank’s commercial and operational priorities.'

And others even claimed that he was always seen as a future CEO. Apart from this, Matt is also the Director of Unicef Australia. 

Moving on to awards, there are no notable awards he has received to date but being appointed as a CEO in a multinational bank is nothing less than an award.