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Cometan Biography


Facts of Cometan

Date of Birth: 1998 , July-1
Birth Nation: United Kingdom
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inch
Name Brandon Taylorian, Kometan
Birth Name Brandon Reece Taylor
Father Sean Taylor (b. 1970)
Mother Louise Counsell (b. 1970)
Nationality British
Birth Place/City Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Ethnicity White
Profession Philosopher
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Face Color Fair
Famous for His sole authorship of the founding treatise of the philosophy of Astronism known as The Omnidoxy and for his creation of the fictional mystery detective, Jesse Millette.
Girlfriend Cosma (Liana Tiratsuyan)
Married Not Yet
Married to N/A

Detail Timeline of Cometan


Cometan (born July 1, 1998) is a British-born religious leader, author and philosopher who solely founded Astronism, a new religious movement, and organized philosophy, in his adolescent years through his authorship of the philosophical treatise known as the Omnidoxy (2019). Cometan received a series of intense revelations from the age of fifteen about the importance and centrality of space and the universe to humanity’s future and subsequently created a religion of the stars formulated on a panentheistic and cosmocentric theology and philosophy.

Cometan is also the creator of the Jesse Millette franchise and his entrepreneurial endeavors with that portion of his creativity continue to develop. Cometan is responsible for founding thousands of new words due to his development of Astronism and his creation of the Jesse Millette character; he has become known as prolific neologist and writer.

Cometan’s Philosophership

Upon being the first Astronist, Cometan began to disseminate his ideas using technology and marketing techniques with the aim of reordering society according to the principles and beliefs founded in Astronism. His seminal work of philosophy and theology, the Omnidoxy, was the first account of Astronic thought and faith in history.

Cometan CAPTION: Cometan dressed in a tuxedo attending his 21st birthday party at an English castle and stately home SOURCE: Frostsnow

Cometan experienced and attained an extensive series of personal inspirations from the age of fifteen to twenty-two and it was upon these forms of imaginative revelation that the founding treatise of Astronism was solely written and titled the Omnidoxy.

It was after the Astronist religion’s founding that Cometan dedicated his life to disseminating its ideas and beliefs globally for future generations both on and beyond the Earth in the spacefaring culture which he believed would inevitably develop as part of humanity’s destined trajectory. This endeavor was conducted through the religion’s governing Institution which Cometan is also credited with establishing.

Cometan CAPTION: Cometan posing in the gardens of Hoghton Tower SOURCE: Frostsnow

During this formative period, he decided to change his name from Brandon Taylorian to a mononym after being inspired by the mononymous names of the Ancient Greek philosophers and he chose the cosmically-themed mononym of Cometan to match the astronomical theme of his philosophy.

ot originally seeking to create a new religion, Cometan championed the combination of religion and philosophy for the establishment of Astronism, thus leading to Astronism becoming the first organized philosophy.

Cometan CAPTION: Cometan as a child SOURCE: Frostsnow

By the age of 20, Cometan had completed The Omnidoxy which remains over 1 million words in total length. Not only had Cometan created a philosophy, but an entirely new understanding of what philosophy was and the role of a philosopher in the world which in turn formed the wider Millettic philosophical tradition.

Afterward, Cometan founded and established The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism which holds sole proprietorship over all aspects of Astronism, including sole copyright to The Omnidoxy and Cometan's other philosophical works.

Family, Relationships, Personal Life

Cometan was born on 1st of July 1998 in Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom and is now 20 years old. He is the son of Sean Taylor (Father) and Louise Counsell (Mother) who separated when their only son was just four years old. Cometan has spoken of the fact that he remained of an “unknown identity” up until the age of fifteen when he had the idea for Jesse Millette. Up until that point, he never committed to any hobby, had few close friends, and held an unhappy personality.

right: CAPTION: right: Lucia Richardson, Kent Taylorian, Kieran Taylorian, Zara Taylorian, Edie Taylorian, Jay Taylorian, and Charlotte Sophia. SOURCE: Frostsnow

A famed Armenophile, Cometan held an instant affinity and curiosity towards the history and people of Armenia upon learning about the country during his formative autodidactic years. This lead to him eventually coming across a young woman named Liana Tiratsuyan whom he met in person almost one year later at Zvartnots International Airport in the capital city of Yerevan in December 2018.

Cometan CAPTION: Cometan with Cosma in April 2019 SOURCE: Frostsnow

Cometan claimed love at first sight with Tiratsuyan and their week together in Yerevan was even granted the privilege of being chronicled in The Omnidoxy in the formation of that which would be known as Cometanic love which encompassed the philosophical musings of Cometan on the topic of love.

Cometan has been graced by having seven siblings in total on both his father and mother’s side; Lucia Richardson (born June 1, 1989), Kieran Taylorian (born February 6, 2007), Charlotte Counsell (born August 20, 2007), Kent Taylorian (born July 17, 2008), Zara Taylorian (born July 17, 2008), Jay Taylorian (born September 17, 2009), and Edie Taylorian (born February 27, 2011).

CAPTION: Cometan with his older sister, Lucia Richardson, and younger sister, Charlotte Counsell SOURCE: Frostsnow