Comedian Beth Stelling Reveals on Instagram, she had been raped by her now ex-boyfriend.

Updated On 03 Jan, 2016 Published On

Comedian Beth Stelling, from L.A. has recently posted haunting photos and a starling note along with it on Instagram. This lengthy post was released in an attempt to showcase that she had been raped and verbally as well as physically abused by her ex-boyfriend. Her un-named ex-boyfriend supposedly belongs also to the comedy fraternity and she has chosen not to disclose further facts about the guy.

The brave woman has posted photos that show her arm and legs covered fully in bruises. She revealed also the fact that she chose to stay with the guy, two more months after being abused by him. To the shock of all her fans, she accepted that fear about what people will think and how weak the fact will make her feel was the major reason she did not disclose about this relationship earlier.

The abusive relationship that ended last summer, made her feel embarrassed and stupid according to her. She also stated that it’s not simple to leave such a relation. Her un-named ex-boyfriend has specifically asked her to keep this thing a secret after they broke up. She however stated that she does not want to revenge or hurt the guy, but could not keep the nature of the relationship she endured, a secret.

Beth, who released her stand up album Simply the Beth recently, has received an outpour of support and inspiration from people all over the world, including that from Patton Oswalt, Kumail Nanjiani, The Roots' Questlove and Lauren Lapkus.

Stelling has proven to be an inspiration from people suffering from similar ordeal and has made a mark upon the society, which will surely help other victims of abuse come out in the open without fear. All we can do is hope that the ex-boyfriend of this brave beauty is known to the world real soon.