Colton Underwood Aware of Cassie Randolph's Choice of Ring For Engagement

Updated On 14 May, 2019 Published On

We may have heard the rumors of Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph's engagement, but it seems the rumors won't realize anytime soon. Although there have been speculations of their engagement, they are not in much of a hurry.

However, television personality Colton is pretty much aware of the type of ring  Cassie Randolph would like to have for the engagement. 

24 years old Cassie recently opened up about future plans with Colton in her recent conversation with Us Weekly. Talking of her engagement plans, she said,

We really don’t have a timeline,  We’ve definitely talked about it, but we’re just enjoying right now and not worrying about it.

Talking of the same, Colton added that they don't want to rush something so important in life. He said,

I mean, there’s no point in that, We want to build such a strong foundation for ourselves to use to sort of launch us for the rest of our lives and that’s what we’re doing.

Talking about their relationship, they met during the filming of season 23 of The Bachelor, that was aired in 2019. While on the show, the couple decided to be in a relationship for quite a while before taking any serious decision.

In fact, Cassie also talked about her relationship and how it been going by far. She said,

The show ended so long ago that it was so weird going back in time when we were watching it, and thinking we’re so much past that and so much further along, But, I mean, I just feel like I’m in a normal relationship. Obviously not normal, it’s better than normal!

Well, their engagement is far still far away from here but he is sure about the kind of ring to buy for Cassie. He said,

It’s very simple, I like simple,” Cassie told Us. “Simple gold band and then a solitaire oval. … I want a big rock.

Anyway, we hope we get to see their engagement very soon.

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