CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has had a fascinating career. Find out his net worth!

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Well-known figure of American television, Jim Acosta, has always given impact through his news. Working as a journalist and getting fame is another side of the coin, which he has achieved. At present, he works for CNN which is at Washington. He is designated as Senior White House Correspondent in the channel.

At the age of 44, Jim has been successful while reporting any sort of news. Mostly, he has covered news of the historic events. His family background is from Cuba. So, he is a Cuban-American Journalist.

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Acosta has been active in this field of journalism since he was young. As a boy, he used to engage in  volunteer service in school radio which was ran by students. Motives of him being one of the leading reporters could be seen at a very early stage of his life.

After his bachelor’s degree, he has been working in different channels and has many experiences in the field of journalism. He started his career from radio in Washington named WMAL. He has other experiences from channels such as WBIR-TV, WTTG-TV, KTVT-TV, WBBM-TV etc.

His achievements and experiences are in numerous field and is a man that is taken as reliable. He is seen working for CNN and has been covering news of policy, political issues, and presidential debates. This career that he has chosen has helped him to earn net worth of $2 million. His salary per month must in thousands. 

Furthermore, his personal life is very simple. He has shown to the world only some information as he has kept his profile very low. But from his Instagram posts, we can also find that he is very much interested in landscape photography.

He is married to Sharon Moley Stow. His wife has no social accounts that we can track. Both Sharon and Jim have a child. The family lives in Manhattan. He has property there. 

These two are love birds, are very much in love, and have kept their marriage very safe and sound. Along with that, they seem to be understanding each other very much and are supporting each other. So, there is no chance of them getting divorced.