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Home Gossip CNN's Maribel Aber Married? Dating A Boyfriend? Also Know Her Career And Net Worth

CNN's Maribel Aber Married? Dating A Boyfriend? Also Know Her Career And Net Worth

Smriti Rai Wed Apr, 2017
CNN's Maribel Aber Married? Dating A Boyfriend? Also Know Her Career And Net Worth

On the male-dominated world, it is admirable to have some females who are representing the woman power with their talent and aspiring abilities. Maribel Aber is one of the magnificent news journalists who motivates the other women to be career-oriented just like her.

Maribel has succeeded coming into the limelight now and then with her work and her professional life is very open to the world to see. But, is her private life open to the world to know just like her professional life? Let's unravel her mysterious love life!

CNN's journalist Maribel Aber Single? Or Married?

The current correspondent for CNN Newsource's Money Matters, Maribel is a market-persona and is well known for her work at The Broadway Channel and Brain Fuel TV.

CAPTION: Television personality, Maribel Aber SOURCE: Pinimg

The CNN correspondent has mastered the art of slipping away from paparazzi. She likes to keep her personal life intact to herself. Thus, there isn't confirmed information regarding her personal life. She may be single or married or even has a family, only she knows the truth about it.

However, there is a rumor about her being happily married and the sources have said that she is living blissful days with her husband. Well, we would not know until she herself reveals about her relationship status.

Maribel Aber's career and net worth

Graduated from The University of Virginia majoring in foreign affairs, Maribel has certainly upgraded her work status to the respected level. She then graduated from the New York Law school. Currently, residing in New York city she was born and brought up in Virginia.

Virginia girl, Aber started her professional career from National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. Then in 2000, she served as an associate director at NASDAQ then got promoted to a chief of staff to the vice chairman of NASDAQ.

Television presenter, host, and spokesperson, Maribel then hosted and produced the Wall Street Week of the Broadway Channel. She then worked for CNN in 2012 and has been working graciously ever since.

About her net worth, she earns a good amount of $500 thousand dollars per year and also receives a salary of $90 thousand per month approximately. She lives a lavish lifestyle.

Beautiful Maribel is the first female Asian executive to rise to the level of the officer at The Nasdaq Stock Market.

Despite her hectic work schedules, she manages her time to spend with her friends, family and closed ones adding to her successful life.

CAPTION: Maribel Aber Reporter for CNN Newsource CNN Money SOURCE: The Newsroom's Finest

We can't say she possess a passive love life to the fact that she might not want to disclose about her boyfriend or husband. I mean, it's her personal life and it's totally her choice, right?

Well, girls can definitely take tons of inspirations from the gorgeous 41-years-old Maribel. All we can say is "Hats Off" to the lady! and best of luck for her career.