CNN president, Jeff Zucker Thinks US president Donald Trump Fears CNN's Lack of Ideological Bent

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The war of words between CNN and President Donald Trump is an old story now.  POTUS's recent move against CNN has left us all wondering why he is after CNN so bad.

Well! CNN worldwide's president has an answer. Here is what he thinks:

In an interview with New York Times published Wednesday night, Jeff Zucker claimed unlike other news channels FOX and MSNBC, CNN sticks to their ethics and is blatantly against any form of ideological bent.

CNN president Jeff Zucker

Image: CNN president Jeff Zucker

Source: Washington Examiner

He further said the sole reason for Trump often attacking his Channel is that Trump's viewers are susceptible to change their minds.

He hinted the President fears to lose the public support if they watch CNN, which is why he is after dragging CNN down with constant bullies and mockery.

Video: CNN VS Trump

Zucker said

"Television is his preferred medium," he said. "And he knows our viewers can be swayed because they're not watching Fox or MSNBC."

He said he thinks Trump constantly targets his channel to neutralize the impact of their critical reporting as it is powerful enough to sway the public mind.

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He asserted firmly that none of the bullies were going to change the way they conduct themselves.

A poll recently carried out indicated that around 50% of the people trust CNN over the President (43%).