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Home Gossip CNN politics reporter and producer, Ariane de Vogue, has a career everyone envies.

CNN politics reporter and producer, Ariane de Vogue, has a career everyone envies.

Shreya Pokharel Sun Jul, 2016
CNN politics reporter and producer, Ariane de Vogue, has a career everyone envies.

How many of the behind the scene people get an open welcome on Twitter just when they join a channel? Minimal, right? Some are just lucky I’d say.

Ariane De Vogue, who is a powerhouse of talent, got a worldwide welcome when she joined CNN Politics digital leaving ABC News to write about Supreme Court from Rachel Smolkin who is the executive editor of the same.

Ariane De Vogue is one of the most important reporters and producer for CNN politics and she writes about the supreme court and legal issues covering all the breaking news which spans over the justice team and worldwide reporting. That is just five percent of all her work. Just five percent. No joking there.De Vogue who is a native of Westville did not start right from the top. Hard labour is required for every job you see.

Ariane De Vogue; started as the researcher for Baltimore Sun’s Washington Bureau. But then she took an off and went off to travel and discover herself. Travel Junkies it is simply okay to go away and take a break. Who knows CNN might just hire you after that?Well, the next line might crush your hopes in the drain because after that she landed in Los Angeles without money or a job. That sounds so terrible while you read I know but it is nothing but the truth.

Finally, then she came to ABC and worked as a national researcher, and after lots of days and nights sacrificed she finally became the investigative reporter earning a transfer to the Washington bureau of the network. Finally.

One of the main reasons she left ABC is speculated is the career growth which was not available for her at ABC news. There at the channel she worked as an investigative producer and worked on the stories behind the screens. She was not getting most of the credit for her work and that is the major growth she got as she joined CNN. Here at CNN, she plays an important role in both television coverage and also behind the news. Obviously, that gives her more of salary and net worth. Perfectly apt choice.And since then there has been no looking back forAriane, whose age is speculated to be the around late thirties.

De Vogue, who has an experience of working on stories concerning terrorism, the aftermath of September 11th, and election campaigns is termed as one of the most enterprising reporters of United States. Not just that, she has also given her views and inputs in the unprecedented court judgements such as gay marriage, religious freedom and lethal injections earning the title- “reporter’s reporter” from her colleagues.

The graduate of George Washington University. You read that right- she graduated from the best one; she works both online and on TV closely corresponding with Justice Pamela Brown. Also nominated for Emmy awards, Ariane is a French and has two kids too - what she terms as her biggest achievement. However, the status of her marriage is not something very openly told in the media.