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Home Gossip CNN political reporter Sara Murray Supports Donald Trump. Know her views.

CNN political reporter Sara Murray Supports Donald Trump. Know her views.

abhilasha Sun Dec, 2016
CNN political reporter Sara Murray Supports Donald Trump. Know her views.

Sara Murray the famous CNN political reporter is popular covering the controversial candidate 'Donald Trump' of the United States of America. She is the one who won her over her fortune and landed her dream job at the 'Wall Street Journal' just as she completed her college. Just at the young age accomplished almost everything that a long-struggling journalist wants in their life. Now Sara is experiencing a victorious professional career but what about her personal life, we mean her love affairs and like being with a boyfriend. Do you know any things related to it? Okay well, let's find out then.  

Sara Murray is already in her 30's but still beautiful as young. There is no wondering that many men would like such a wife like Sara as she is young, beautiful and talented. We heard that his already engaged and is also planning to get married soon.

Sara Murray

Is Sara Murray in an affair with her boyfriend or is married?

Sara Murray this beautiful lady is said to have already engaged with her boyfriend. It is also said that she is planning to get married in 2017 as she has already got engaged in 2015. In one of the interview, she has she said, 'I have a very understanding fiancé' and they both wish to get married soon and have a happy life together.



Did someone order a tall, dapper gentleman? #nola #whatstheweddinghashtag

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Looking at Sara Instagram it seems like she has already got married to a man named Garrett Haake. There are many pictures where Garrett has been tagged by Sara.And as we go through Garrett Instagram, there are many pictures of Sara and him giving romantic poses. And the picture of their cute dog is also the same! Hmm so after so many proofs who can't say no to the fact that she is truly deeply in love with this guy.



Country living. #goldenhour #shinergram

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Sara Murray the Trump supporter

Sara Murray at the age of 26 was on the campaign trail covering Mitt Romney's 2012 run for the Oval Office. She gained lots of experience and learned a lot. Later being at CN she was assigned to cover Donald Trump.  Sara contributed a lot for the CNN's trump coverage   for the past year. She kept on appearing live on the network's news programs throughout the day at the CNN.


Everyday Sara was busy covering the day-to-day affairs of the candidate and chasing him down for the interviews and navigation the mayhem that has become commonplace at his campaign events. With this unstoppable job she did every day with a sigh brought a bucket full of exhaustion and frustration when she even has to face personal attack from the candidate.  

Sara Murray said, 'You have to approach covering the Trump Campaign from a totally different perspective.'  She was a little shock when her boss said she will be going to be covering Trump. She though she will be covering other too but later she knew she was assigned to cover only Trump.