CNN Meteorologist Alexandra Steele Is Single Or Married?Know About Her Current Affairs And Relation

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Even though you watch the same weather news anchor Alexandra Steele performing her work on television every passing day in front of you, you often know very less about her. In fact, what you see is only one face of Alexandra, the CNN meteorologist. The rest is just veiled from you.

Alexandra Steele's professional life is an open book, you can come through and search the chapters, but her personal life stories are in a closed box. We know, as a fan of Alexandra, you guys are curious to know about her private life. Is she single or married?

Don't worry we are here with the details. The article below deals with Alexandra's current affairs and relationships. Let's start with the story.

Is Alexandra married? She has a child but who is the father of her child?

The meteorologist for CNN, Alexandra Steele is suspected of being married as she has given birth to a child. However, we don't have any authentic proof whether she is married or not.

One of the most renowned meteorologists Jim Cantore is rumored to be the husband of Alexandra Steele. However, everyone suspected about this relationship after Jim’s divorce with his previous wife.

Here's a video that Alexandra Steele and Jim Cantore comparing Alex to Austin Powers

The reason that Jim separated with his ex-wife Tamra Cantore will amaze you. Though Jim had two children together with his wife, he separated with her because she had Parkinson's disease. How sad is this?

Former husband and wife couple; Jim Cantore and Tamra Cantore

Former husband and wife couple; Jim Cantore and Tamra Cantore

Source: extratv

The rumor got more serious as they were working together for the Eastern hour of Weather Center. They seemed comfortable with each other and used to have fun during the program.

Rumored husband and wife; Jim Cantore and Alexandra looking so cozy

Rumored husband and wife; Jim Cantore and Alexandra Steele looking so cozy

Source: darrylcohen

However, Alexandra Steele worked with Jim Cantore only for a month. Do you think Alexandra was afraid that people would know about their relation?? Well, whatever it is, Alexandra would know better. We just hope she soon speaks about the rumor of her marriage.

Alexandra Steele's children

According to some strong sources, Alexandra Steele reportedly in October 2008 gave birth to a baby girl. To add to that, Alexandra took a break from her profession after she got pregnant and returned to her work only in 2009. The CNN meteorologist works with anchors like Anthony Bourdain and Bill Weir.

CNN weather forecaster Alexandra Steele

CNN meteorologist Alexandra Steele

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Now the rumors have that Alexandra Steele is living in Atlanta with her husband and daughter. But much to our surprise both their names are not revealed yet. 

As for now, let's wait for the new updates, and for that stay connected with Frostsnow. We wish Alexandra all the very best for her future.