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Home Gossip CNN Maria Cardona is mother of 2 children with her husband Bryan Weaver; Disclose their Married Life and Children

CNN Maria Cardona is mother of 2 children with her husband Bryan Weaver; Disclose their Married Life and Children

abhilasha Fri Nov, 2016
CNN Maria Cardona is mother of 2 children with her husband Bryan Weaver; Disclose their Married Life and Children

Maria Cardona, the mother of two children, is known as the most influential Latinos. She is a political contributor and an analyst who has made a great contribution to CNN. She has been married to husband Bryan Weaver who is a long-time community activist. Despite the hectic schedule and hard work every day this couple have managed to keep their personal life far away from distraction and make their relationship healthy.

Maria Cardona with no doubt has an excellent sense of working recently she served as a Senior Advisor to the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign. She provided her service as a campaign surrogate and spokesperson representing the campaign on major national TVs and radios. She has been working for CNN since 2011.

Maria Cardona and husband Bryan Weaver share two children

Maria Cardona and husband Bryan Weaver with their two children are living a happy family life. This sweet family resides in Adams Morgan, Northwest Washington, D.C, United States of America. Before moving to this place, they used to live in Pleasant Plains, Columbia Heights. They have two children, Sebastian who is seven years old and MayaLuna five-year-old daughter.

Caption: Maria Cardona with her husband Bryan Weaver and children

Like Maria Cardona, husband Bryan Weaver is also very much experienced in what he does. He is said to be a true believer in the economic and cultural diversity of Washington D.C. He has been involved in many social activities yet gives adequate time to his family which keeps them bonded.

Caption: Maria Cardona

Maria and Bryan love to spend time with their little children. Here you can see the picture of Bryan with his children and they are in the top of Monserrate in Bogota. Bryan also learned Spanish so that he could help raise Sebastian and MayaLuna bilingually. And that’s all love, isn't it?

Caption: Bryan with his children on the top of Monserrate in Bogota

About Maria Cardona's husband Bryan Weaver

Husband Bryan Weaver is the founder of a nonprofit organization, Hoops Sagrado in Washington D.C in 1996. He serves as a president of this firm.

Happy Native American Heritage Month.

What will you do to honor indigenous people? #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

— Bryan Weaver (@BryanWeaverDC) November 22, 2016

He is mostly known as a longtime community activist, a former Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, and communications professional. He is very much active in this area and has over 15 years of experience progressive causes.

Bryan Weaver

Bryan Weaver was involved in the Adams Morgan Advisory Neighborhood Commission and served for four terms i.e. eight years. He served as Chairperson for three years. Adams Morgan Advisory Neighborhood Commission is a very active commission which deals with complex issues such as public safety; liquor licensing; building livable, urban communities; strengthening multi-cultural neighborhoods and encouraging business development.

In the year 2007, Bryan Weaver due to his active work he was named the city's best ANC Commissioner by Washington City Paper.  Talking about the nonprofit organization, Hoops Sagrado, Bryan from D.C takes youth to the highlands of Guatemala every summer for a 5-week program of basketball, cultural exchange, leadership development and mentoring, Spanish immersion, English tutoring and community building activities.

Furthermore, Bryan Weaver also takes several monitoring classes for youth as a tutor at God Shepherd's Teen Learning center and also is a coach for the high school basketball for Hyde Leadership Academy and The Adams Morgan Knights.