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Home Gossip CNN Journalist Delia Gallagher's affairs are low key. Does she have a boyfriend or a husband?

CNN Journalist Delia Gallagher's affairs are low key. Does she have a boyfriend or a husband?

Rabina Koirala Mon Nov, 2016
CNN Journalist Delia Gallagher's affairs are low key. Does she have a boyfriend or a husband?

Delia Gallagher is known to create buzzes with her proximity with the Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican headlines. But she is surprisingly low key when it comes to her personal affairs. Charming and sexy even at the age of 46, Gallagher rose to fame in the field of journalism during the millennial. Her most acclaimed works were during her tenure in CNN.

So what about her love life? Do you think she is married? Or is she in a happy and content relationship with her boyfriend? Let's find out.

Image: Delia Gallagher

Delia's not married

Even though her fans and followers largely speculated that their beloved Delia is secretly married to her mystery husband in Rome, she has never confirmed this piece of gossip. 

One would guess that at the age of 46, being so successful, she would like to get married and settle down with a loving husband and have a handful of kids to raise in a family. But Delia seems content with her life as of now and doesn't seem to be planning to tie the knot any day soon.

Image: Delia formerly was the Faith and Values Correspondent for CNN

Delia's rumours of Boyfriend

Though not married, Delia is believed to be in a relationship with her boyfriend. In an interview a few years back, Delia indirectly pointed towards the possibility of her having a boyfriend. Being the sly private person that she is, Delia didn't delve into details but she did indicate that she might be enjoying her love life with someone special.

She also revealed that she is a fun loving person. So it is probably safe to assume that her special someone is someone humble and adventurous who can keep her happy away from her work.

And being stationed in one of the most romantic cities in the world, she must not have any problem in planning romantic dates with her boyfriend too.

Image: Delia Gallagher reporting from Rome

Delia's Career in journalism

Delia's boyfriend must be very proud of her because she has achieved quite a name in her field of journalism. This Irish beauty has been the heart of TV news and media in the Vatican for many years now. She had joined CNN more than a decade ago and has been climbing up the corporate ladder ever since. Her skills and charm has made her very popular among her fans and followers.


She currently is the senior editor for Inside the Vatican magazine. She formerly served as CNN's Faith and Values Correspondent. She had lived in Rome for 7 years before joining CNN full time and becoming stationed in Rome. She was previously based in New York. She has been continuing making a good name in the industry and her 'special and mysterious' boyfriend must be very proud of her.