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Home Gossip CNN Correspondent Sara Sidner Married life: Know about her affairs and relationship

CNN Correspondent Sara Sidner Married life: Know about her affairs and relationship

Dilip Adhikari Tue Feb, 2017
CNN Correspondent Sara Sidner Married life: Know about her affairs and relationship

Sara Sidner is currently working in CNN as national and international correspondence in Los Angeles bureau.  After she was assigned in Jerusalem, Abu Dhabi, and India, Sara moved to Los Angeles in 2014.

Talking about Sara’s education, she studied telecommunication from the University of Florida and earned her degree. When she was at school she was equally involved in sports and studies. She played volleyball and at the final year, her team secured 4th position in the game. A multi-talented lady we must say.

That is something about her study and her career, but we are not here to talk about her career and studies, so let’s get to the interesting part, her married life. Did you even know that she is a married woman? If not then thank us because we are bringing you the story. Stay with us.

Is Sara Sidner Married?

Sara Sidner has avoided all the question regarding her personal life and love life. The journalist has tried a lot to hide her relationship status, but we have revealed her secret about her being engaged. As a proof check out her photo with a ring on her ring finger. 

Sara Sidner with the ring

Sara Sidner with the ring

Source: CNN

Even though there is this photo with a ring in her hand, she has not officially confirmed about her walking down the aisles so, all we can do is assume that she is engaged. We wonder who is her husband and we would like to know that very soon. Do we need to say anything more? Maybe not.

Sara Sidner Affairs

We gave you some hints about her engagement. Now, let's help you know about her affairs. Sara is very concerned about her repo. So, unlike other stars in the same biz, she has managed to keep herself out of the controversy and rumors about her love life and affairs. Not just that, she has also kept her marriage away from the whole world (if what we know is true).

Sara Sidner

Sara Sidner


On contrast of her profession, a woman who reveals all the information about the world has not revealed anything about her love life and affairs. The passionate journalist, Sara has even risked her life to cover the news. She was once hit by a stone by the protesters. We will get to this story very soon. You can even follow this brave lady on Twitter.

Here is a tweet from Sara Sidner

Above is from India's one of the oldest restaurant in the city

This one is also the tweet from where she is working

People uses social networking to let people know about their social and private life. They frequently post what they are doing and many of their personal information. But not in the case of Sara. She only posts about her work on her social networking sites.

Sara Sidner hit by stone

The story behind Sara Sidner got hit by stone is that once when she was on the ground in Ferguson and reporting live from there, she got hit by a rock in the head. The scene was that Sidner was pointing to one of the buildings which were on fire and was saying "you can hear explosions" and at that very moment, she was hit by a rock right on her head by one of the protestors. We don't know why that happened.

Here is the video, where you can see Sara Sidner hit by a stone.

Even though she got hit by a rock on her head she continued to do her job saying she has been through a lot worse than this in her past and her team member took her to a safe place. When she tried to explain what happened after some time she was cut due to some technical reasons.

We are very proud of this brave lady Sara and hope she continues to provide us news with the same passion that she shows. Best of luck.