CNN anchor Kate Bolduan and her husband Michael David Gershenson happily married for six years

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One of the youngest and hottest reporters of CNN, Kate Bolduan, broke the hearts of many of her male fans when she got married in 2010. Her husband is a real estate expert Michael David Gershenson. The co-anchor of At This Hour with Berman and Bolduan (along with John Berman) is the proud mother of her single child too.

Let's learn more about their love affair and married life in detail. Just stay with us.


The 33-year-old beautiful news  anchor, Kate Bolduan joined the  CNN in 2007. After establishing herself in the network as a promising journalist, Kate decided to take a bigger step in her life and accepted the marriage proposal of her then-boyfriend Michael Gershenson.

Beautiful CNN journalist Kate Bolduan

Beautiful CNN journalist Kate Bolduan

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They got married on May 30, 2010. Since then, they have been having a smooth married life, without having any grave problems in their marriage and without being plagued by rumors of divorce.  

Currently, Michael Gershenson is a managing director in real estate at The Carlyle Group.

Happily married husband and wife: Michael David Gershenson and Kate Bolduan

Happily married husband and wife: Michael David Gershenson and Kate Bolduan

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In early 2015, Kate Bolduan came clean about her first pregnancy. “Words cannot describe how excited we are about starting our family,” Bolduan said.

When Kate was pregnant for the first time, both she and her husband seemed beyond jubilant.

This has already been an incredible year for us, moving to New York and launching New Day,” Kate said. “Now we’re beginning the best chapter yet.”

Kate Bolduan's pregnancy picture

Kate Bolduan's pregnancy picture

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Kate talked about the couple moving from Washington DC to New York after Kate was appointed the host of her new show.

And like every mother and mother-to-be, she believed that bringing her child into the world would be the best thing in the world.

33-year-old mom also joked that she’s happy to have some pre-dawn company. “I’m looking forward to having someone else in my house wake up before 3 a.m. with me”.

The happy couple welcomed their baby girl on September 25, 2015, and named her Cecelia Eve Gershenson.