CNN analyst Bob Beckel still resenting Fox network for releasing him while on a medical leave?

Updated On 28 Jun, 2016 Published On

CNN analyst Bob Beckel was previously a commentator on the Fox News Channel and the co-host of The Five before he was released from the channel when recovering from a back surgery. It seems that he has not forgotten being hurt because he was released from Fox News when he was suffering from a personal issue and is still resenting the channel over having done that to him.

Beckel, who currently works for the CNN, was a married man. He was married to his wife Leland Ingham with whom he has two children. The couple got a divorce in 2002 and he has not been involved in any other affair ever since. He has accumulated a net worth of a whopping 10 million dollars for the endeavors he has carried out as a journalist.

Surely this talented and well-known personality might surely have been unhappy for being released out from the Fox News Channel which did not wait for him to recover from his back surgery. he feels that the channel should have waited for him to recover and should have temporarily replaced his post with other journalists from the channel.

Bob is a recovering alcoholic who has been involved in some controversies once a while. He worked in the Fox News Channel for almost a decade but the channel did not consider his back surgery operation and kicked him out when he was recovering. He still is resentful about the matter for sure and must certainly be extremely unhappy to note that the likes of Juan Williams and Julie Roginsky have replaced his position on The Five. He resented the fact that some of the people of the channel did not even wish him farewell and this must surely be a sad moment for a journalist who has given his good decade for the betterment of the highly respectable Fox News Channel.